What's Your
Return to Work
Protect your employees’ safety while enhancing your bottom line!

Let KettleSpace provide them with inspiring, flexible workspaces,
conveniently located around the tri-state area.
Today, it's all about safety.
Cramped public transportation. Busy sidewalks. Crowded office spaces and public areas. Riding in elevators.

In the era of COVID-19, many employees are rightly worried about returning to “work as usual.”
Now there's an alternative - KettleSpace.
KettleSpace can help transition your whole team back to work. Think of us as an extension of your traditional office. Working with your return-to-work task force, we have options that will allow your people to work safely, closer to home.

Need conference rooms, private offices, or virtual mail services? We have those, too.
Why KettleSpace?

We empower businesses and teams like yours to unlock the upside of remote work, while avoiding the downsides of working from home

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KettleSpace Benefits

No contracts. No security deposits. Add or remove memberships as you need. Work from any location in our growing network.

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We’re ready to work with you and your team to provide a flexible and affordable option for today’s changing workforce.

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