Why Working in One Comfy Place Helps You Get a Lot More Done

Boy, is Joe Whiz busy. But don’t worry . . . he has his day all mapped out. He lives in Astoria, but his first meeting of the day is at 10:30 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He has to squeeze in a call ahead of that, so he leaves his apartment at 9:30, hops the N train to Fifth Avenue and dashes into the food court in the basement of the Plaza Hotel. He grabs a coffee, sits down, jumps onto Wi-Fi for a minute, then pulls out his phone to make that call. Whoops, bad phone service down there, so he snatches up his laptop and runs outside, where it is starting to rain. So he hunches under one of the Plaza’s awnings, makes his call, then hightails it to his 10:30 meeting on foot. He arrives early, so he drops into a Starbucks to log on fast and look at his email. Then off to the meeting.

See Joe moving fast, with raindrops splashing up after him on the sidewalk. He’s running around like a squirrel. His whole day will be just like that – five different stops into different Starbucks for Wi-Fi,one pop into the New York Public Library to sit down, a half hour in the atrium of an office building. Working, working everywhere. Joe knows all the places and all the tricks. He even uses the outer entrance area of the Morgan Library because he knows it is quiet and dry enough to make a phone call there. No place to sit, unfortunately.

And what about tomorrow? Well, it looks like it will be about the same as today.

Efficiency vs. Effectiveness

Is Joe being efficient? In a sense, he is. He is covering a lot of ground, pausing in dozens of places to complete quick tasks like checking his email or making a call. And he sure looks incredibly busy if that counts for anything, because the way he is working has forced him to be. But is Joe being effective? We can’t tell.

But may we make a suggestion to the Joes of the world? You will be a lot more effective working from a KettleSpace location than you will be if you are scrabbling all over a city like a frenzied squirrel, stopping just long enough to bury one nut at a time.

Here are some of the reasons why you can get a ton more work done by becoming a member of the KettleSpace community.

- You can sit down, spread your stuff out,and think in bigger chunks of time. Because you can stop running down the street every half hour, you’ll focus, think and work better.

- You can enjoy peace and quiet in an elegant KettleSpace setting, not put up with the noise in a coffee bar or some public place.

- Kick back and enjoy events, networking and learning. Check the KettleSpace events listings often, because you won’t want to miss anything. Try doing that in Starbucks.

- You can enjoy a sense of continuity by working in the same location every day. You can enjoy a sense of community too, because you will get to know other people who work at your KettleSpace location.

- You can tell people to meet you at your beautiful KettleSpace location and even have meetings there. Much better than asking them to meet you on the corner of Lexington and 48th Street.

- You won’t get rained on, and that’s a big thing.

- You can go to the bathroom like a normal person does, without running around to find libraries, coffee shops and other sites of smelly public bathrooms. You don’t even need to scoop up your laptop and take it with you.

- Your laptop and your data will be safe. Plus, you’ll have incredibly fast Wi-Fi.

- You can enjoy snacks and beverages right on the premises. Eat and drink them, they’re yours. Part of the KettleSpace way of working.

- You’ll enjoy working from different locations. If you have a meeting on the Upper East Side today and one in Bushwick tomorrow, you can settle right into nearby KettleSpace locations and work from them. Chances are you couldn’t do that if you worked for a regular brick-and-mortar kind of company.

You Want to Run Around? Go Ahead and Run Around

Make yourself happy. But the question is, do you want to feel like you are covering a lot of ground and being frantically busy .. . or do you actually want to get a lot of work done? We knew that’s what you would say. So why not sign up and join KettleSpace now?