Why People Simply Work Better in Shared Work Spaces

Teamwork, productivity, and job satisfaction all improve when employees work in shared work spaces.

As one employee who started working at a KettleSpace location two months ago said recently,

“The moment I came in here and started working, I felt like a tremendous weight had been lifted off my shoulders.”

That’s a Very Interesting Statement . . .

What is that “tremendous weight” that she was referring to? That is an interesting question to think about. And what weight will you and your employees lose when you start to work in a shared KettleSpace coworking location?

Depending on who you are and where you have been working in the past, here are some heavy loads that you just might lose:

· You’re going to be treated like an adult, not a child. You come into your shared work setting, set up your computer, grab a beverage and then it suddenly hits you that nobody is watching you. Think about that for a moment. The company you work for actually trusts you to show up when you need to, to get your work done, and to do what needs doing. In other words, your company is treating you like you are an adult, not like a third grader who is a disciplinary case who needs to be watched. That alone is very freeing.

· Physical constraints are off. More and more people are discovering that the wide open spaces of shared work settings are very freeing. Instead of going to one constrained little area to spend your day, you go into a nice big open area where you can breathe free. And instead of staring at the same nubbly cubicle wall every day, you can mix up your locations and experience something just a little bit different every day.

· Your relationship with your boss, supervisors, company leaders and other upper-ups in your company is going to improve. Even if you have the best possible relationships with the best possible managers in the world of business, let’s face the fact that you don’t want to see them all day long, every day. Let’s also face the reality that you will get more done when they have to work a little to get a hold of you. And if you have a terrible, micromanaging boss who interrupts you through the day, starting to work in a remote work space can be the best thing that ever happened to you.

· You and other members of your team are going to connect in great new ways. You can sit down, talk about stuff, have on-the-spot meetings when you need to, and work more closely together. One reason is that you can connect and kind of grow organically, because your team starts to do stuff without being told to do it. Like mushrooms in dark soil, you just grow.

· You can use body language and positioning to control interruptions. If you sit in the corner of an open shared work space with your back to the rest of the room, people will get the idea that you need to be left alone to do your work. As you might have noticed, you have much less control over interruptions if you are sitting in a cubicle or even an office, where people come in, sit down, and take up big chunks of your time. And don’t forget that at KettleSpace, we have a choice of locations where you can spend your workday. If you want to get away from your fellow employees for a day or two, you can simply go to a different location.

· You can also connect with company colleagues from different company departments, different management levels, and more. You could call this “delayering” or you could call it “breaking down departmental walls.” But the fact is that at one KettleSpace location, a sales rep recently had a very productive conversation with a product development person from his company. At another location, a newly hired social media manager bumped into a product line manager, they talked, and ideas flew. Connections like those rarely happen in a sterile, stratified company workplace. They happen almost every day in shared work spaces. As we wrote at the beginning of this post, “Think about that for a moment” and if you do, chances are you will want to run, not walk, to a shared work space and spend today working there. It’s an idea whose time has come.

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