Why Hyperlocal Workspaces Could Be the Best Solution for Getting Your Team Back to Work

People started to use the term “hyperlocal” about a decade ago. They talked about hyperlocal marketing, meaning marketing that targeted people who resided in a small and specific area, like one Zip code or even half of one Zip code. They also talked about hyperlocal media, meaning media like those tap into local online epublications that are targeted only at people who reside within a single town.

Those early adopters of the term “hyperlocal” probably didn’t foresee the way our team at KettleSpace is using the term today.

We are developing hyperlocal workspace

Even more important, we are discovering that hyperlocal workspace can be a great option for companies that are getting back to work . . . and getting their employees back to work.

What Is Hyperlocal Workspace?

- It is very local office space that your employees use, located just a quick walk or drive from their homes

- It is located in a way that similar to where commuter station stops are located near your employees

- Your people just go to those locations and work; they never have to get on a train or a bus

- It is located in all boroughs and neighborhoods in New York City, as well as in a growing number of locations outside the city, near where your employees live

What Does It Look Like?

- It is an office, but without the headaches associated with one

- There are no leases or long-term commitments

- You can add or reduce the space you use, as needed

- You can arrange to have your people reserve space for regular weekly work schedules or they can drop in to work when they want

- Your people are not locked into using just one location, in many cases they can choose from among several

Why Do You Need It?

- Working from home is not for everyone

- It offers a COVID-safe environment without elevators or other “problem” areas

- Hyperlocal spaces help your employees work away from spouses, partners, kids, and roommates

- Hyperlocal spaces are miles better than coffee shops for privacy and getting work done

- There is no commuting (and studies are finding that commuting is the top fear of returning to work among most people)

- It is office-like and professional, unlike working from home or in coffee shops or other public settings

- It offers a place to meet safely with a team of other employees who are located nearby, to meet with clients, vendors and customers, and more

Who Is Hyperlocal For?

- Entrepreneurs

- Small businesses

- Teams

- Sales people who move around and want a place to get work done

How Can You Get Started?

Contact KettleSpace to learn more about using Hyperlocal solutions as you get back to work.

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