Why coworking in a restaurant is the next cool trend

Working from home or from coffeeshops may seem like a cheap alternative to coworking space in New York City, but we New Yorkers know that the costs can quickly add up. If you are a freelancer or remote worker in New York City, it can be hard to find an affordable, quiet space with reliable WiFi and plenty of power outlets. A new wave of coworking, one that leverages restaurants that are normally idle during the day, is rapidly growing in New York City. This cool coworking space concept may be the solution to all your freelancing woes.

How does coworking in a restaurant work?

Lots of New York’s best restaurants, like Diviera Drive in Williamsburg, Hotel Chantelle in the Lower East Side and The Ribbon in the Upper West Side, are now available as coworking options during their downtime. Coworking in restaurants, made possible with KettleSpace, allows you to take advantage of restaurants’ off-hours and you have access to a variety of seating options and meeting spaces; WiFi; coffee, tea and snacks; and generally hip spaces throughout the city that would otherwise be empty during the day. By joining KettleSpace, you’ll not only be able to work from restaurants throughout New York City that have made themselves available for coworking during the day, but you’ll also have access to exclusive events, perks and community benefits throughout the city.

More affordable than permanent coworking and coffee shops

While many of New York’s coworking options cost several hundred dollars a month, coworking in a restaurant provides an affordable alternative for remote workers and freelancers starting at just $25 per month. In other words, restaurant coworking costs about the same as three to five visits to your local coffee shop, or one working lunch meeting. KettleSpace offers free coffee, tea and snacks, too.

Flexible plans for every freelancer

If you ask most freelancers why they haven’t signed up for a coworking space, the common answer is that they don’t know if they’re ready to commit. High costs and yearly commitments to a single location can deter freelancers from coworking; but coworking in a restaurant offers access to a full network of coworking spaces, meaning you don’t have to decide on just one. If your apartment is in the Upper West Side but your business mostly happens in SoHo, KettleSpace allows you to take advantage of locations in both those neighborhoods and everywhere in between.

Menu specials while you work

Of course coworking in a restaurant also gives you access to the great menus at the places you’re working from. Instead of snacking on a muffin or being rushed to leave your table after a lunch, coworking in a restaurant means you can order great food and host affordable working lunch or breakfast meetings. You can also do so at your own pace or even bring in your own snacks. No more feeling guilty that you’re hogging a table during the morning rush at a coffee shop or not making purchases throughout the day.

Freelancers and remote workers alike can benefit from the productive, comfortable new trend of restaurant coworking. With lower prices than permanent coworking spaces and more power outlets, seating and benefits available than a coffee shop, restaurant coworking is certainly a growing trend worth looking into.

KettleSpace’s list of locations is always growing and chances are a restaurant you pass everyday has already joined the coworking trend. Instead of working from cafes or signing a long term contract at an expensive coworking space, take advantage of the open tables and free coffee in your neighborhood or whichever neighborhood you choose to work from on a given day.