When Is a Cup of Coffee Much More than a Cup of Coffee?

. . . when it’s the Think Coffee you enjoy at KettleSpace locations!

You’ve probably noticed that we offer unlimited coffee, tea and snacks at KettleSpace locations.

“That’s nice,” you’ve probably thought, “I can drink all the coffee I want and stay energized to get my work done and connect with other KettleSpace Members.”

But Think Coffee Is Much More than That

We partnered with an incredible company called Think Coffee. And when we say incredible, we are not exaggerating, because . . .

The coffee you drink at our Aldea, Wilson, Baar Baar, Merakia, Distilled, and Blue Ribbon locations (with more to come soon) is much, much more than coffee. It’s distributed by a company named Think Coffee.

What is Think Coffee

First of all, it is incredibly good coffee. That’s a given. But what is definitely not a given is that Think Coffee has invented a whole new way to benefit farmers and their communities by buying directly from them.

This business model helps farm workers much more than Fair Trade coffee (which means a company buys from a coffee cooperative) or Direct Trade Coffee (which means a company buys from the owners of large farms). The Think model, which Think Coffee invented, eliminates intermediaries and buys directly from farmers. If you think about that for a minute, you will be inspired.

But let’s get even a little more amazed by what this remarkable company does.

Think Coffee Is the Creator of Social Project Coffee

And what is Social Project Coffee? It is coffee that is sourced based on a direct relationship between purchaser and the farmer/producer where (1) the purchaser pays a premium price for coffee; (2) together the purchaser and farmer/producer use the premium to implement a project at origin that helps farm workers or the nearby community; and, (3) the results are recorded in detail and made publicly available.

To date, here are some of the projects that Think Coffee has already completed to improve the quality of life of farm workers and their communities:

· Clean Water Access – In Topogalpa, Nicaragua, Think Coffee funding has been used to uncover and/or refurbish 13 wells that now provide access to clean water for 653 people who live in the community.

· Housing Restoration –In Resguardo Inga De Aponte, Narino, Columbia, Think Coffee funds were used to renew and renovate the housing used by 74 families.

· Worker Housing –In Finca Santa Teresa, Nicaragua, Think Coffee has renovated the homes of 36 farm workers, with 20 more units to be added in year 2020.

· Menstrual Activism –In Kellensoo, Ethiopia, Think Coffee funding has been used to distribute 1,500+menstrual pad kits to women. Funds are also being used to build a new Women’s Health and Education Center there.

· Reforestation –In Finca Santa Teresa, Nicaragua, Think Coffee funds are being used to replant forests that have been damaged by overuse.

Those are only a handful of the Social Project Coffee initiatives that have been launched to date. You can learn about many more on the Think Coffee site.

Drink Think Coffee at a KettleSpace Location and Feel Good . . .Very, Very Good

Thanks to Think Coffee, the next cup of java you enjoy at a KettleSpace coworking location can be more than just a cup of excellent coffee. It can be a lot more, because it is changing lives. All of us at KettleSpace are proud of our partnership with this remarkable company that is actually improving the world.

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