What Is the Best Coworking Space for You?

Check out these two customer reviews:

· Review one: “The place was quiet and clean. A site supervisor kept an eye on things and made sure we had everything we needed to work and there were no disruptions. I would go back there any time.”

· Review two: “I just couldn’t concentrate because people were distracting me. The person in charge didn’t step in or say a thing. The overhead lights were blinding and produced a lot of glare on my laptop screen.”

And you guessed it. Both those people were reviewing the same workspace. How can that be? Part of the reason can be found in the old belief that “One person’s meat is another person’s poison.” Different people can work in the same space and have completely different opinions about it.

You can see a similar thing happening in many areas of life. One person looks at a Cadillac Escalade and thinks it is the most beautiful SUV ever made; another person thinks it is ugly. One person buys a pair of Doc Martens, puts them on, and wears them every day for a year; his best friend wears the same boots for five minutes before yanking them off and returning them.

Opinions differ. It’s just a fact of life.

But What Influences Opinions on Coworking Spaces?

Sometimes it is personal taste and not much more. One person likes the red leather on the chairs, another person would prefer blue. One person really likes the building where the space is located, another thinks it is cold and off-putting. Subtle factors like those can affect opinions without people even realizing it.

But when choosing the best coworking space to use, chances are that opinions are not that arbitrary. Most of the time, users either love or hate a working space, depending on practical factors like the following.

· Location – A location that is wonderful for one user might be terrible for another. It’s a highly individual thing that can depend on the location of the user’s home, the location of clients to be met with, transit lines in the area, and other factors.

· Personality – In most cases, users like coworking spaces where they and other users share a similar approach to work. Auser who wants complete silence, for example, might dislike a place where a lot of people like to chat and enjoy social time together. And on the other side of the coin, people who like a friendly atmosphere can find a silent, library-like facility stifling.

· The right level of privacy – Some people feel energized when surrounded by other people who are working hard. And sometimes people need more or less privacy depending on their tasks for the day.

· A chance to connect with like-minded people –Coworking spaces are not social clubs. But the fact is that people like to feel that they can relate to the other people who are working alongside them. Of course, the people who are there one day might not be the same people who are there the next. So the happiest users are often those who can keep an open mind while they use a space for a week or two before passing judgment on it.

But There Are Features that All Users Have the Right to Expect

Even though tastes and preferences differ, all users have the right to expect cleanliness, good lighting and ventilation, a good chair, ample desk space, a selection of beverages, as well as Wi-Fi and other technology that they need.

So let’s return to the question that started today’s post. What is the best coworking space?

The answer is, it is the one that works best for you. How will you know which one that is? You need to try some out and decide for yourself.

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