Unusual Ways People Use Coworking Spaces to Reach Their Dreams

“This is my place to reach for my goals . . .”

You open the door and enter a modern coworking space. You look around and see lots of professional people working on their laptops. So you naturally assume that they are all tackling work-related projects.

Many of them are. But a lot of people these days are using coworking spaces to accomplish things that have nothing to do with their jobs.

And who knows? Maybe you too will decide to use a coworking space for one of the following non-job-related purposes:

· Making a decision.

· Preparing for college by writing application essays, taking sample SAT and ACT exams online, or “kicking the tires” of colleges by roaming from one website to another.

· Writing a business plan and checking out sources of funding so you can start a company of your own.

· Organizing all the working files on your hard drive - finally.

· Starting to write that novel, book of poems or another book you’ve been planning . . . or finishing it up.

· Taking courses or earning an online degree.

· Organizing your finances and filing your taxes.

· Engaging in some financial or estate planning.

· Writing that big important email you’ve been putting off until you had the time.

· Researching new investments.

· Starting a job hunt or applying for jobs online.

· Reading a book or a magazine, without being interrupted.

· Thinking about big things, little things. . . anything at all.

· Planning a personal project or reconsidering your personal priorities.

· Keeping a log of your diet, exercise, blood sugar levels, and more. (You don’t always want an APP to do it all for you.)

· Doing some comparison shopping before you make that next big purchase of a car, new home appliances, or a new home.

Why Are Coworking Spaces Good Choices for Those Solo Personal Pursuits?

Your kids won’t interrupt you. You don’t need to multitask – you can delay cooking your dinner until after you get home. Your doorbell can’t ring. Nosy people you work with can’t look over your shoulder. Your dog won’t suddenly demand to take a walk or play fetch. Your upstairs neighbor with the big loud shoes can’t distract you.

There are so many reasons. But maybe the biggest one is that you can literally “get away from it all” and focus on anything you want. It’s your life. Experience it more in a coworking environment.

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