Types of places for coworking and their differences

New York offers one of the most extensive coworking networks in the world, with options both big and small aimed at all sorts of industries. When deciding what space is right for you, price and location might be the first things you consider, but you should think about the type of coworking space you want even before that. With dozens of options to consider, coworking in New York can fit into four categories. Now all you have to do is decide what’s right for you.

Large private office / shared-space coworking

This is probably the style of coworking space you’re most exposed to, recognizable by the massive network of members split between large, open floors and private offices. WeWork, Impact Hub and Knotel are just a few of the better known examples, all boasting dozens of locations around the world. The benefit of course is that you’re exposed to a large network of members, but you may sacrifice some of the personal community aspects, especially if you choose a space where private offices outweigh “hot desks” (desks you cannot reserve). Just like a large apartment building or hotel, while the amenities might be there, it can sometimes be harder to track them down and you may run into a space that is more focused on selling desks than supporting its members. Generally speaking, these are priced in the midrange of coworking options.

Industry-specific coworking spaces

If you have a certain focus or niche in your work, you may be able to find a coworking space built just for people like you. A/D/O in Greenpoint, for example, is built for designers and offers a full suite of fabrication equipment and machinery that members can use. The recently opened Primary focuses on health and wellness, with an in-house yoga studio and top-notch design and décor. A perk of this style of industry-specific coworking is that you’ll have great opportunities to meet potential collaborators but you may miss out on larger opportunities for business development and networking.

Boutique coworking

Sometimes, smaller is better. In addition to some massive, thousand-member coworking options, New York also has plenty of tiny, minimal spaces that may offer just what you’re looking for. Some of New York’s smaller options are hot desk only, while others are private office only, meaning you can find exactly what you’re looking for and may have a bit more control over who you’ll be working with, the noise level, and the appearance. Check out Kinspace in Soho, Workville in Midtown or Study Hall in Gowanus for an example of small coworking spaces in New York.

Restaurant coworking

Ever wonder what happens during the day at restaurants that only offer dinner service or that have a private, reservation-only room? Well, thanks to KettleSpace, some of them are transformed into coworking and meeting spaces during the day. These large, often well-appointed and unique coworking spaces provide fast dedicated wifi, free coffee and tea, ample power outlets and many other amenities. The real head turn is that KettleSpace is one of the most affordable coworking spaces in New York. Other perks can include discounted meals during the lunch hour from the host restaurant, specials on food and beverage when the space offers a full menu in the evenings, and access to a network of sites throughout the city.

Using a coworking service like Kettlespace can also give you free meeting space in New York City to host casual get togethers, working business lunches, or a neutral site for closing a deal that is a good alternative to Starbucks for a meeting.