Top affordable locations for holding a meeting

Whether you’re a startup founder pitching to a potential investor or a freelance copywriter meeting with a client, there is bound to be a time in your work-life when you need a location to hold a meeting but won’t have access to a conference room. New York City is home to many great locations to work from, but finding one that is conveniently located and affordable can be a tricky task. Say goodbye to meeting at Starbucks or paying for a working lunch. Instead, consider one of these three options that are great for holding meetings in New York City.

The Cheap Option: Hotel Lobbies, like Hotel Indigo or Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel in NoMad and Hotel Indigo in the Lower East Side are just two of NYC’s many cool hotels for working out of or for holding a meeting. Both hotels have fast, free WiFi that doesn’t require a room reservation to log in, as well as on-site coffee shops with light snacks for purchase. Space at both locations does tend to fill up from time to time, so plan to arrive early or have a backup option if you need a space for a large group. There are many more hotels throughout New York City with great free meeting spaces. These are most ideal when you don’t necessarily need reserved space, such as a casual meeting. The other downside of a hotel lobby is that they can become quite noisy and crowded, especially during check-in and check-out times.

Midrange Option: KettleSpace

While some coworking options in New York City cost several hundred dollars a month (or more), KettleSpace provides a great alternative to expensive coworking space with monthly plans starting at just $49. KettleSpace is able to keep their membership costs low by utilizing restaurants during the day that are only open for dinner. With locations in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, there’s usually a space nearby. Hosting a meeting at KettleSpace has all the appeal of a working lunch without pressure to leave your table when you’re finished eating or enduring long wait times to be seated. Instead, just check in with the location’s Community Manager and you’ll have instant access to an affordable meeting space in New York City with free coffee, tea and snacks, reliable WiFi, numerous power outlets and lunch specials if you decide to order something while you meet and work.

Executive Option:

You can think of Breather as hourly Airbnb, providing access to lots of meeting spaces in New York City that can be reserved hourly or daily. Meeting spaces range in size and are meant for small groups of two or three all the way up to 40+ persons. Power outlets, WiFi and amenities vary by location, but its website does allow you to see what each space offers before you book. Breather is great if you need a private reserved space for a meeting in New York City; but affordable locations tend to be booked ahead of time and many options are rather expensive when reserved hourly.

As you can see, depending on the type of meeting you plan on hosting, there’s likely a great meeting space in New York City just waiting for you. Casual meetings might work in a trendy hotel’s lobby, but for guaranteed space, more privacy and more amenities, opt for an alternative to hotel lobby meeting spaces. Options like KettleSpace are quite affordable, and for those times when you need absolute privacy, you can ante up for a space by the hour through Breather.