The Three R’s A Framework for Return to Work

The consultants at UnitedMinds have developed The Three R’s, a framework that can help companies help their employees return to work in a way that is both caring and effective.

The Three R’s are Respond, Reset and Reinvent. Let’s take an in-depth look at them.

Questions for Company Leaders to Ask during the Respond Phase

How can we . . .

  • Address employee concerns and respond to employee activism?

  • Keep all employees safely working and protect their health?

  • Keep our workforce productive and engaged?

  • Make and frame tough decisions about layoffs, furloughs, or other financial impacts to employees?

Questions for Company Leaders to Ask during the Reset Phase

How can we . . .

  • Communicate any updates to vision, strategy, and expectations?

  • Return to workplaces safely?

  • Successfully manage long periods of virtual work?

Questions for Company Leaders to Ask during the Reinvent Phase

How can we . . .

  • Ensure resilience to protect our company and our people?

  • Evolve our employee experience?

  • Refresh our purpose and values?

  • Reinvent our work, organization, and culture if need be?

More Insights on the Return to Work (RTW) Process

Sarah Clayton and Anthea Hoyle, two consultants from UnitedMinds have just published an article entitled “Help Your Employees Manage their Reentry Anxiety” in the Harvard Business Review.

In it, they report on new research from UnitedMinds that has determined that these are employees’ current top concerns about returning to work.

Returning employees want their employers to:

  • Extensively clean and sanitize work areas (55%)

  • Encourage sick employees to stay home and institute flexible sick leave policies (52%)

  • Promote ongoing personal hygiene (40%)

  • Provide personal protective equipment (33%)

  • Screen all employees before they return to the workplace (31%)

That is information you can use as you – and your all-important employees – return to work in a positive way in the days ahead. ‍

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