Testing Testing...is this thing on? 🎤

We were inspired this week as many of you came together to connect and support each other. It’s awesome to see that friendships forged in our physical spaces continue to thrive and new ones are being born while we’re apart. Props to staying positive and being game to find new ways to come together. Keep it up!

To advance our mission, we’ve been burning the midnight oil to build a prototype virtual platform. It’s truly been a collaborative effort as your ideas and feedback are lighting the path for us. We have some ground to cover together, but we’re ready to start testing. Let us know if you want to kick the tires.

Let’s look forward to something together...

- Member Discovery - You asked for ways to find and connect with other KettleSpace Members. Here’s V1. Create a personal profile and begin your discovery. Want to test it out?

- Offer & Ask - Pay it forward, promote your cause, and tap into community resources for help, be it personal or professional interests. Click to join the beta.

- Virtual Dashboard - Prototype coming soon. Once we get your feedback, we will use it to build our new integrated product. Stay tuned.

- Member Slack Channels - Collaborate, connect, and shoot the breeze with the coolest community in the world. Join here and say hello on the #introduction channel. New to Slack? Learn more here.


📰 Quote of the week: “There goes my future! But oddly I’m more relaxed than I’ve ever felt.” - Miles Bukiet, KettleSpace meditation teacher + cool cat. Join his events here. 👍 to those who started participating in the new Slack channels. Special shout out to @Jacob Ford @Carrie Sporer @Adrian C. @Brooke Hubbard @Susanne Klepsch. @Greg Mangan, thanks for one of our favorite posts of the week.

#whatacutie #whateveryousay #slackme

🍻Cheers to those of you who logged on to our first weekly Happy Hour. We drank our drinks, wore funny hats, and harmonized. Join us today -we’re playing games, people! #virtualeventsrule #it’s5o’clocksomewhere

Keep Calm and Kettle On,

-Nick, Dan, & The KettleSpace Team ‍

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