Sweeping Changes in the American Workplace

New Fast Company Article Outlines Sweeping Changes in the American Workplace

Reporter Jason Wingard did his homework as he was writing his article, “This What the Office Will Look Like in 2022” that he published in Fast Company on November 17, 2020.

We are full of admiration for his research and his writing, and we are also kind of in awe of some of the statistics that he discovered and wove into his article.

Here are some of them. Note that when we were able to, we have included links to the research he cites, so you can take a look at it for yourself.

  • 42% of the U.S. labor force was working full time from home in June 2020. His source:Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.

  • 86% of managers at 80 companies believe that in the future, employees will work at home between one and four days a week. His source:Colliers International.

  • 69% of American CEOs are planning to downsize their company’s office space. His source:KPMG.

  • 70% of Ford employees have expressed interest in working on a hybrid (both at home and at a company facility) model. His source:CNBC.

  • 50% of the workforce will soon embrace a workplace “ecosystem” that will include offices, houses, and third places such as coworking spaces, cafes, and libraries. His source: Cushman & Wakefield.

Yes, But the Drivers of Change Vary

We know that companies of all kinds and sizes make decisions to meet their own needs and priorities. None of them look at statistics like the ones we mention above and say, “Gee, 42% of American workers are working at home . . . we should let our employees do that too.”

Instead, companies arrive at that 42% point in small in incremental ways, one decision at a time. And those decisions are made to meet their own immediate priorities and needs.

Maybe your company is asking questions like these . . .

  • Where do our employees work, and where would they like to work?

  • What are our workers’ greatest concerns about returning to work at our facilities?

  • Are our employees’ homes good places for them to work? If not, why not?

  • How does the way we do business either support or undermine our employees’ leeway to work from their home, or to work remotely?

Yes, the way your company will change depends not on trends, but on your needs and how you can meet them.

We can facilitate that process. Whether you are already changing or see change in the future, it’s a wise choice for you to contact KettleSpace today.

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