Stronger Together - Building Community Beyond Space

Hello KettleSpace Members,

Late last night, we decided to suspend service at all KettleSpace locations, effective immediately. We reached this decision out of the concern for the health of our Team, Members, & Partners, along with the government's recommendation (now mandate) that all restaurants and bars close as of 9 AM tomorrow. Given the uncertainty that surrounds all of us right now, we can assure you that, when the time is right, our doors will be open to welcome you, and in the meantime, we will be providing you with additional value.

In the spirit of co-authoring culture in a truly transparent fashion, we want to be open with you -- we all recognize this environment is going to put a massive near-term strain on KettleSpace as a company, our restaurant Partners, and our Members.

Many of you joined the KettleSpace Community to belong to something bigger and to be inspired by the people and spaces around you. To the many of you who have reached out offering your support and encouragement for both KettleSpace and fellow Members, thank you! Being unified in difficult situations is a testament to our shared fortitude, and necessary in these times.

Our Offer

This week, we’ll be launching V1 of our Virtual KettleSpace Membership. We are packaging a suite of tools and services that will support you working from anywhere. New features will be released on a rolling basis. Benefits will include providing each of you with community chat and video conferencing solutions, streaming group meditation and fitness classes, organizing a platform for Members to collaborate and gain new business leads, and more.

Our Ask

It’s simple: Remain engaged in this community and continue to pull together. We have a plan to navigate this difficult period, and it will succeed if we stick together. We will be pausing everyone’s Membership effective immediately (you won’t be charged going forward until we resume space service or you opt-in and enroll in one of our virtual plans). Please give us a day or two to package those new offerings and present you with more information. Over the last few years we’ve all worked together to build KettleSpace to what it has become., l Let’s keep it going.

Please send us your input. What are the tools and services that will make your day both more productive and enjoyable? As a start, we are building our Community Services Store. If you would like to list your services/expertise, please reply with a paragraph on what you (or your company) do[es], your hourly rate (or however you are comped), and logo. We will also be adding discounts to services that help your business run every day, from AWS to Zapier. Our goal is to help you not only keep the lights on, but succeed in this time of uncertainty, while offering you the chance to make valuable connections.

Please be on the lookout for more information coming soon (and shorter emails). Thank you for your continued support.

With Gratitude,

-Nick, Dan, Annaliza, Chris, Josef, Mac, Janice, Michael, Sarah, Corbin, Ryan, Samantha, Noah, Rose, Eric, Ammar, Chino, Mitch, Annet, Jordan, Lina, Justin,

(collectively The KettleSpace Team)