Six Features Your Hotdesking App Should Have

As more of your employees are retuning to work in company offices a day or two a week – or maybe even four or five – you are probably thinking that it is time to invest in a hotdesking app.

The advantages are clear. Your people can use your app to reserve space ahead of time, so you can have a workspace waiting for them. You will know who is working where, and for how many hours. Those are only two of the advantages.

Although many hotdesking apps offer similar features that you can read about in a recent post on this blog, the fact is that some will meet your needs better than others do. So as you are selecting the app you will use, think about the following differences.

Will the App Adapt to Your Specific Workforce?

First of all, how many employees can you enroll and allow to use the app? (Note that the number of employees you enroll can affect how much you pay every month to use the app.)

Another question to ask is whether the app you are considering presents any obstacles for your specific employee pool. If you have five branch offices, for example, how will that work? If you have employees who work in three different states? Ask the right questions ahead of time to avoid frustrations and restarts.

Does the App Allow Employees to Start Working in the Right Way?

Most all apps let groups of employees log in and reserve space before they come to work. But do you need a system that allows them to work from home or third space locations?

Be sure to select an app that synchs with the way you want your employees to arrive at work and start their days.

Can the App Generate the Reports You Want and Need?

Perhaps your HR department wants and needs ongoing data about how many hours employees are working in three different locations? Perhaps you need to classify some employees as part-time workers and others as full-time, and to collect data on their working hours?

Before you select a program, decide what you need to know and pick an app that meets your requirements.

Will Your Employees Enjoy Using the App?

Demo the app before deciding it is the right one for your company. And remember, some apps are simpler to use than others on small screens. Also, some apps can be customized to display your logo on employees’ log-in screens, which can provide a more personalized experience for users.

If the app you choose is easy to use and personalized, employees will probably be more eager to use it consistently.

Are there Safety and Health Issues to Consider?

If employees will arrive at your offices and log in in person, do you need to know which of your employees have been vaccinated against Covid, and which have not? Are there certain employees who have heath concerns that put them at increased risk of becoming seriously ill if they contract Covid? If so, can you classify them accordingly in your app by specifying the kind of spaces they should occupy. Again, this could be an issue to consider before you sign up to use a specific app.

What about Customer Service?

If an employee cannot get the app to work on his or her phone, what customers service options are available?

So before picking an app, speak with the company that provides it and be sure it offers the kind of support you will need. Another option? Try contacting customer service at all hours of the day. Are you satisfied with the level of support and responsiveness of the company.

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We invite you to check out our own app, KettleOS. We have developed it to meet your needs for maximizing the way you use a hybrid way of working.

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