Seven Easy-to-Overlook Health Benefits of Working Remotely

Why do companies encourage their employees to work outside the office? And why do employees generally like doing so?

The most common answer to both those questions is . .

Working remotely reduces the chances that employees will be exposed to the Coronavirus. .

You already knew that, right? But did you know that working remotely promises other health benefits too?

Here are some of them, described by Denise Mai in a recent post, “Remote Work: The Surprising Effects on our Health” she wrote for the Digital Nomad Soul blog.

  1. You’re going to eat healthier when you work remotely. According to a So Co Cloud study that Ms. Mai cites, 42% of workers eat more healthily in remote offices than they do in headquarters.

  2. You’re going to sleep better. According to that same So Co Cloud study Ms. Mai mentions, 45% of people find that they are sleeping better now that they are working from home.

  3. You’ll experience less stress. Ms. Mai cites studies that report that 82% of employees who work from home report reduced levels of stress.

  4. You’ll get sick less often. Ms. Mai points to a study conducted by Stanford University, which found that employees who work remotely take fewer sick days.

  5. You’re going to exercise more. People who work at home are more likely to take exercise classes during the day and go for walks alone or with friends.

  6. Your loving relationships will improve. Ms. Mai cites a study that found that couples are 40% more likely to get divorced when one of the pair commutes 45 minutes each way to an office.

  7. You’re going to have an increased sense of personal freedom. That’s hardly any wonder, right? After all, your ability to control what you do is much greater when you are no longer commuting to work in a centralized company facility.

Plus, You’re Going to Be Happier

We don’t know exactly how Denise Mai figured this out, but we believe it is true. Everybody we know who is working at home or close to home these days seems happier than they were when they were commuting long distances just a few months ago.

To learn how to help your people become happier and healthier by working remotely, contact KettleSpace today.

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