Safe Space Management in the Age of Covid-19

Space management isn’t a new science. Over the years, all kinds of organizations – large companies, small companies, colleges, conference centers and more - have been looking for ways to understand and manage the way people use their facilities.

In the Time of Covid, The Stakes Are Even Higher

Organizations of many kinds are now asking questions that have taken on new and critical importance, like these . . .

  • Someone who used our facilities last week has contracted the virus – do we know where she sat, who sat next to her, and other critical information that can be used for contact tracing purposes?

  • Do we have a computerized seating/space occupancy chart - and who is managing it?

  • How many users can safely be present in our facilities?

  • Do we know what percentage of our space has been used on specific days in the past?

  • What kind of approach are we using to allow people to reserve space in our facilities?

  • How many users can we accommodate tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and every day next week?

  • Do we have an automated system in place that can instantly communicate news to the people our space serves – such as closures, Covid-related news, and more?

  • Which of our users plan to use our space all day, every day – and which of them plan to come in on reduced schedules, and when?

  • Is data about our space usage integrated into our Business Intelligence systems?

  • Are we able to use our space management resources to control and track costs due to part-time users and other changing trends?

  • Do we have a visitor management and tracking system in place that integrates seamlessly with our resources?

  • Can we integrate data that comes from multiple facilities, if we have more than one?

  • Are there ways to save money and build efficiency?

How Can You Track Questions Like Those?

Depending on the specifics of the space you have to monitor, there are several options.

  • Your company HR department - If you are managing a group of employees, you can assign space management responsibilities to someone in your HR department.

  • Appropriate personnel at your conference center or other facility - If you are managing space in a conference center or a similar commercial meeting facility, responsibility for safe usage can be assigned to a specialist in the reservations department.

  • Your college’s registrar’s office - If you are a college or university that is monitoring safe space usage, you can assign responsibilities to an employee who works in the registrar’s office, or even a member of your campus’s police department or security team.

And Then, There’s KettleSpace

Talk to us about how our space management software can help your organization bring people safely back to your facilities. We will be here to work with you during this time of Covid-19, and we will be here for you after the pandemic subsides.

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