Reasons Your Employees Might Not Be Using Your Hoteling or Hotdesking App

Are some of your employees still not using the hotdesking app you have made available to them?

You picked the best hoteling app you could, explained how to use it . . . but still, a good number of your people are not using it.

What could be going on? Here are some reasons your employees might not be telling you about . . .

Reasons you can discuss openly with them and solve by providing information and/or training . . .

  • They have old phones that need to be replaced – or possibly some of your people do not have mobile phones at all (hey, that still happens)

  • They resist the idea of using their phones for work-related purposes

  • They have no or poor access to Wi-Fi and phone service at home or when commuting

  • They worry that their data will be compromised

  • They are technophobes and can’t understand how to use the app

  • They only want to continue working at home, in a remote location, or in some other way they discovered during the Pandemic

Reasons that require digging on your part to uncover and address . . .

  • They do not want to continue working and are making other plans

  • They have health issues or fears about Covid – possibly some they have not told you about – that make them resist returning to work

  • They have parenting, family or other obstacles and don’t want to admit it

  • They see the app as an invasion of their privacy

What Should Your Company Do?

We would recommend this three part-process. . .

  1. Communicate your plans to start using a hoteling and hotdesking app and how it works

  2. Train your people to use it

  3. Implement your use of the app by first getting started and then addressing any problems or issues as they arise

Want to Know More?

Be sure to check out the new KettleOS, a powerful tool that can help you make returning to work easier and more efficient.

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