Questions to Ask Before Picking a Coworking Space for Your Team

Signing up for a coworking space can be exciting – both for your company and for your employees who will use it. But even if you are eager to start using the space, be sure to do some due diligence to make sure it will work for you.

Here are some steps to take . . . and some mistakes to avoid.

Check out all other available spaces in the neighborhood

Even if the space you are visiting looks great, be sure to do some comparison shopping. Another place around the corner or down the block could look even better or offer pricing and plans that better meet your needs. So be sure to look around.

Determine how many of your people will really use it – and when and for how long

You don’t want to sign on with a coworking space that your employees don’t use. If you are not sure about these issues, survey your employees before signing an agreement.

Let your employees help select the space you will use

A space that looks ideal to a company owner or entrepreneur might not appeal to the employees who will be using it. So . . . get as many of the potential team members involved in visiting and selecting the space where they will be working.

Ask about hidden fees for terminating your agreement

Of course you are going to investigate the costs and fees for signing up and using the space. But . . . how much will it cost if you decide to stop using it? Get somebody to explain that process to you.

Be sure to visit during peak usage hours

If you only visit early or late in the day, you might not get a realistic idea of what working in the space is like when it is fully occupied. Consider noise, crowding, social distancing during peak hours before signing on.

Test drive the sign-in process

Before you sign an agreement, “kick the tires” by signing in using the app or calling in to reserve a desk. Is it easy to sign in, and are an ample number of desks available? The time to discover any problems is before you start using a space.

Have an informational interview with the site manager

First, size this individual up and decide whether he or she has the personality to deal with people and problems that can arise. Then gather more information. What happens if they run out of space, for example? Have there been problems between users, and how were they resolved? You want a mature, smart person to be at the helm.

Ask about how the space is cleaned and disinfected

Who cleans the space, and when? What kind of equipment or supplies are used? Those are serious issues that demand serious answers. You want to be sure that anti-virus protocols are strictly observed.

Ask about how the site deals with users who have tested positive for Covid

Ask whether any users of the space have tested positive in the past, and how that was handled. What are the company's COVID policies? How long did it take before the space opened again?

Don’t forget to ask about extra and special needs

If you want to have three of your salespeople meet on site, can that be accommodated? If you want to have clients meet with your employees who are using the space, will that work? The time to identify and ask about these extras is before you begin to use the space, not afterwards.

Many considerations come into play – where your company is located, who your employees are, where they live, and more. Kettle is the expert in creating hybrid and other work experiences that work best for your company and your workforce. We know the questions to ask. Why not contact us – we have hybrid workplace solutions that will work for you.

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