Psychologists Share Tips for Returning Happily to Work

“You can’t go home again,” is a piece of classic advice that is worth keeping in mind. Whether you are returning to the office where you worked before Covid-19 struck or resuming work in a new setting like a hyperlocal office space, things are going to be different – and probably a little off-putting and strange.

Simple Tips on Returning More Happily to Work

Our editors spent some time looking for advice on how to make the transition, and we found a lot. But we think these tips from two psychologists who offered advice on cable news programs might be particularly helpful to workers who are returning to work in the days and weeks ahead.

Advice that Dr. Tasha Eurich Shared with WTHR in Indianapolis

  • Remember, there is nothing wrong with you if you feel anxious. Anxiety is normal when making this change.

  • Reestablish contact with your best friend at work. Dr. Eurich told WTHR that connecting honestly with that person is “huge” right now. She also encourages back-to-workers to have the courage to tell that friend that you feel vulnerable.

  • Focus on the things you are grateful for. Doing so can anchor you in positive feelings as you go back to work.

  • Remember that things are going to change and improve. Dr. Eurich points out that it is unrealistic to think that your new situation has been permanently changed and will never be different. You are entering a new process of change, so don’t allow anger or frustration to take over.

Advice that Dr. Tyffani Dent Shared with ABC News 5 in Cleveland

  • Expect to experience a “mixed bag” of emotions when you return. You’ll be dealing with a lot of other people who will be doing the same.

  • Don’t hesitate to talk to your company’s HR department about concerns and issues. The people in that department are there to help you and hopefully, they will.

  • Set aside the idea that you are dealing with “the new normal.” Dr. Dent points out that this new situation is not normal, and that it will change.

  • Remember that everyone at work is going to react differently, and emotions will vary.

  • Allow yourself some grace. Dr. Dent says, ”This is not what we're used to. You're going to be anxious, you're going to be angry, you're going to be scared and resentful and all of those things trying to figure all of this out. Allow yourself grace and say this is not what I'm used to."

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