Power Tools You Need for the Coming Post-Covid Period

Do you remember the pre-Covid days?

If you needed to take a sick day, you called in early and left a voicemail for your boss and went back to bed. And that was enough.

If you had something to discuss with a colleague, you had at least a 90% chance of finding him in the lunchroom or by the water cooler? Or maybe you walked down the street and found him where he bought his coffee.

It was all kind of loosey-goosey, right? Why? For one thing, hardly anyone thought that if you dropped out of sight for 20 minutes, something was terribly, terribly wrong. Life was normal – remember that?

Today, everyone is supposed to be reachable every minute. And that has become very hard to do, because on any given day some of the people in your organization are in the office, others are working from home, some are working in remote offices near their homes. So at the same time everybody is supposed to know everyone else’s location, people are all over the place. It’s not a very reassuring way to work, and it’s not very productive either. And the worst part of it all is that if you want to protect your company from the negative things that can happen if someone falls ill or other calamities arise, you need to have instantaneously available information about where everyone is and what they are doing.

To Survive and Succeed in an Era of Total Accountability, You Need the Right Tools

How can you keep tabs on everyone in your organization at a time when we all need to? Some suggestions . . .

  • Get a demo of the KettleOS Hybrid Operating System. Its robust platform lets you know exactly where everyone is working on any given day. Paul’s working at home? You’ll know that because he used KettleOS to reserve a desk. Natasha’s in the office? You’ll know that too. All that critical information is there for you to access at all times.

  • Outline and communicate a clear policy that spells out exactly when employees should not come into the office and how they should communicate that fact to you. It should also explain exactly what they should do if they become sick while they are working in company offices.

  • Implement and communicate a remote/work from home policy that mandates how and when employees can work from home or remotely, how, and exactly when they are expected to communicate those plans to you, and what technology they are expected to use during their time out of the office.

Want to learn more about KettleOS. Request a demo today.

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