New York City office spaces for startups, founders and small teams

Coworking and start-ups are a perfect marriage, and they both depend on each other to keep moving forward. It is hard to find a coworking space without at least a few founders or developers working in it, and it is just as difficult to find a startup that was not run from a coworking space at one point or another. In New York City, one of the most start-up rich cities in the U.S., there are plenty of great coworking spaces that come with a techie twist or are built with startups in mind. These five options are some of the best coworking spaces for startups.


Galvanize is a coworking network built for tech startups, with nine campuses throughout the United States. In New York, the highlight is the SoHo location, which opened in 2016 and includes 6,000 square feet of coworking space in addition to a educational and business hub. At the Galvanize space, you can find hackathons, coding boot camps, pitch competitions, small conferences and events hosted by large tech companies like IBM. Overall, the full space is dedicated to innovation and it takes strong cue from coworking spaces in the Silicon Valley area that serve to provide members resources beyond just office space.

In addition to the events, the Galvanize coworking space features amenities including conference rooms and private phone booths, as well as bike storage, locally sourced coffee, and free printing for members.


KettleSpace stands out in the crowded coworking field in New York City by transforming popular restaurants into coworking spaces during their off hours. By doing so, KettleSpace is able to keep their prices allow while also providing clean, modern spaces with plenty of seating and great breakfast and lunch options. At KettleSpace, you will find lots of solo freelancers and remote workers, but also small teams that take advantage of the space’s large tables, free coffee and tea, and plentiful power outlets.

The two biggest selling points for KettleSpace as a dream coworking space for startups and founders are the flexibility and the affordable prices. KettleSpace offers month to month plans ranging in price from $25 per month for 10 hours of access to $99 per month for unlimited access. The plans allow you to bring guests, and give you access to all of KettleSpace’s locations throughout New York City. KettleSpace has locations in New York City’s hottest neighborhoods for startups, such as Diviera Drive in Williamsburg, Baar Baar in the Lower East Side and Cannibal Liquor House in Nomad, as well as many others.

The Farm SoHo

While it is slightly more expensive than some of the other spaces on this list, the beautiful Farm space in SoHo is worth the cost because of the prime location and modern amenities. Prices start at $250 per month for hot desk access and $450 per month for a dedicated desk, but you will get access to a beautiful space in the heart of SoHo, one of New York’s hottest neighborhoods for tech and startups. On your walk to work, you will pass the offices of some of New York’s most successful startups, which is sure to be a source of inspiration.

Inside the farm, the ambience draws inspiration from Americana, and some of the décor was actually pulled directly from a Midwestern farm that the founders took a liking too. However, do not let the cozy vibes fool you. The Farm has 24/7 secure access, mail and package services, and incredibly fast wifi. It is also pet friendly and features a meditation room, so you can find some relief during long coding sessions or between stressful calls with investors.

Bond Collective

Nomad has gained the nickname Silicon Alley, and Bond Collective (formerly CoworkIrs) has one of the best, most startup-friendly coworking spaces in the neighborhood. In addition to the usual benefits like freshly brewed coffee and conference rooms, Bond Collective also features unparalleled amenities like a 3D printer and free beer on tap. Hot desks, dedicated desks and private offices for individuals and small teams are offered, all of which have 24/7 access. In addition to the Nomad location, Bond Collective also has spaces in Gowanus and Wall Street.

Much like SoHo, Chelsea and Williamsburg, Nomad is full of startups and coworking spaces for them. In addition, you will find great train access, lots of casual options for lunch, and great coffee and happy hour spots in this neighborhood, making it a haven for startups and founders.


If you are looking for a coworking space exclusively for startups and founders, consider BuroHQ in SoHo. BuroHQ is a home for startups primarily working with crypto and Bitcoin and serves these members through curated events and networking opportunities in the industry. Because of the niche focus, BuroHQ has special relationships with many established investors and professionals in this space, and therefore can provide access more general coworking spaces cannot for crypto professionals. Events and panels recently held include a panel on women in crypto, a night out with investors, and various other blockchain related events.

The amenities provided by BuroHQ are also tailored to this industry, such as a weekly newsletter highlighting community news, personal wifi, unlimited calls abroad and ergonomic chairs. There is free coffee, printing services and a variety of membership plan options as well.