New Year’s Resolutions to Kick Your Business into High Gear

All you entrepreneurs out there, we hope that 2019 was a fantastic year for your business – your big idea took flight, you attracted new investors, your sales soared, you built a dream team, your brand got written up where it counted, and there was buzz about you. We hope that all those things happened, or most of them at any rate.

But here’s a thought for you to consider. If all those great things didn’t quite happen in 2019, why not attack them with renewed focus right now by applying this time-tested strategy. . .

Make them powerful New Year’s resolutions for year 2020

You Know about New Year’s Resolutions

For many of us, resolutions are plans we write down on the back of a napkin, and never act on. But before you go searching for last year’s napkin in the hope that you can make those same plans work this year, we modestly ask you to consider the fact that something has changed for 2020:

You now have the power to attack your resolutions in one of our inspiring shared work spaces

Okay, we admit we are not being too modest when we say that KettleSpace’s shared work spaces will empower you to reach your biggest goals in the year ahead. But we’re actually being realistic, because our KettleSpace Members are already using us to achieve goals like these:

· Improving and revitalizing company culture by letting energized employees work in an entirely new and exciting way.

· Getting creative, by allowing marketing, product development and other dedicated teams to get out of the home office and start working in our warm and cozy spaces, where creative ideas start to flow.

· Making new connections with business partners, consultants and other resources who just happen to be using KettleSpace shared work spaces too.

· Having meetings with investors and potential partners not in a coffee shop or in your kitchen or in company headquarters, but in some of the most elegant and inviting spaces in New York City.

· Staffing up faster and bigger by hiring people when they are needed instead of waiting until suitable office space can be found.

· Getting closer to customers and closing deals with them by using KettleSpace locations in their neighborhoods.

· Closing sales in an entirely new way, by meeting with clients in a new kind of place – one of KettleSpace’s shared office settings.

Okay, How Will You Attack Your Resolutions for Year 2020?

Most experts on getting things done agree that the key to making changes in our lives is to take just one small step. In other words do something.

And what should you do? We suggest you start by joining KettleSpace today and start your membership. We’re here to help you make 2020 the year when you will write some great new chapters in the story of your success.

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