Most affordable coworking spaces in Manhattan

While there are many great coworking spaces in Manhattan, the problem is that many of these spaces are quite expensive to join. For many coworking spaces throughout NYC, the membership prices can be several hundred dollars per month; and in order to work at an actual desk, instead of just a community table, the monthly price may even surpass $500. Thankfully, there are some great options for affordable coworking spaces in NYC. The affordable coworking spaces in Manhattan are clean, come with fast wifi service, ample power outlets, and typically have basic amenities such as coffee, tea and snacks. Many host events to meet members of the community such as founders and investors, happy hours for social networking and member meet-and-greets to build your LinkedIn “Rolodex”. Even better, our list of best coworking spaces in NYC includes groups that flexible membership options which are great for workers who aren’t looking for any long term commitments. After all, affordability also means no year-long contracts costing thousands of dollars up front.


Known for its modern appeal and upbeat atmosphere, KettleSpace is the place for professionals and freelancers alike in search of an affordable and flexible network of coworking spaces through New York City. Set in various restaurants across the city while they are idle during the day, KettleSpace tops our list of affordable coworking spaces, with membership options starting at just $49 per month. In addition to the low-cost and great atmosphere thanks to the utilization of some of New York City’s hippest dining spots during the day, with KettleSpace, members also get: free coffee, tea, and snacks; fast and reliable wifi; member events; discounts on lunches; happy hour and dinner specials; and the convenience of multiple locations throughout NYC.

The Productive 

Catering to creative professionals such as writers, designers, and animators, The Productive is a nice option for coworking space if you happen to be on the hunt for an affordable place to work in Manhattan. Located conveniently in Midtown, The Productive offers a lot of great features to members such as fast internet, a community-based atmosphere, and free coffee. In addition, The Productive has flexible hours, with open access during both the evenings and weekends for those of you with atypical schedules.


With comfort at a top priority, Paragraph is a popular coworking space in Manhattan that not only has 24/7 access, but is also located conveniently in bustling Union Square. The couches in Paragraph are so comfortable, they have become known for this quirky amenity. There are also several dedicated desks allotted to workers who like more privacy. If 24/7 access to coworking space is important to you, then it may be worth the $95 initiation fee and application (which requires approval). For this reason, some casual freelancers might pass up on this space.


TEEM is an affordable coworking space in Manhattan that is perfect for people that want to save some money, and that don’t need a space every single day. For $200 a month, TEEM provides members 15 visits per month to use as they please. The benefits of TEEM are as follows… comfortable ergonomic chairs, a modern and brand-new interior, on-site events, and free coffee. With 20–22 work days in the average month, workaholics might have to find another option.


 Croissant offers freelancers and remote workers an affordable option for coworking. This coworking space is doing things just a bit differently than the majority of other coworking spaces in Manhattan. With Croissant, members are able to reserve their space online, and then drop into various coworking spaces in the city that have an open vacancy. For $129 per month, Croissant offers members 40 hours per month to use as they please, and they also get 5 guest hours to use that they can give to a friend, business partner, or coworker. This is a great option for casual freelancers that need access to the entire city, but not necessarily every work day for 8 hours a day.

Depending on your needs, you’re likely to find an affordable coworking space in New York City. Make sure you understand each spaces’ benefits and limitations and then try a few out to find the one that suits your style.

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