Member Meet-Up: Jordan Bock of Bock Nutritionals

Today, we are pleased to share a short interview with KettleSpace Member Jordan Bock. Jordan is Head of Supplements for BockNutritionals, which makes and markets supplements like Boost Beneficials, PhytoBeneficials and Fiber-Pro Beneficials that help people enjoy healthier lives.

Let's meet Jordan...

KettleSpace: Let’s kick this off with the basics – your name, title, that kind of stuff.

Jordan Bock: Hi! I’m Jordan and I help run our family supplement company. For me, it started in March of this year when I left my corporate job and decided to pursue more meaning in my life. At the time, I had been working on a nonprofit I started to give back to the children from the orphanage I’m from in Colombia. I decided to hire a search agency to find my birth family and to my surprise, they were found and wanted to meet me!

As a single mom, my birth mom couldn’t afford to take care of me but was able to fight to get me the prenatal and medical care I needed to be a healthy child. Her story inspired me and I knew that I wanted every child to have the same fortune I had. Soon after I pitched my dad the idea of my nonprofit and Bock Nutritionals partnering to tack malnutrition in children in 3rd world countries and he said, “Go for it!”

KS: How did you learn about KettleSpace?

JB: I quickly discovered KettleSpace after a 90- year-old woman kept complaining about me taking the good seats at Starbucks. I wanted convenient and reasonable and that’s what you get with Kettlespace!

KS: Which KettleSpace place is your primary location?

JB: Pondicheri hands down! I love the vibe and the people and not to mention the savory menu.

KS: Give us a pitch. Why do you like working in our coworking locations?

JB: The location and vibe of the places is unique and inspiring compared to many of the alternatives. I think at even some of the bigger coworking spaces it can feel stiff and the need to conform to a style or a manner. I feel at KettleSpace, you have the opportunity to run with whatever project you’re doing in your own style and way. KettleSpace is super inclusive and definitely for you if you like freedom, flexibility, and alternative workplaces.

KS: What other KettleSpace locations have you tried?

JB: Sarabeth's, Distilled, The Wilson. All great places.

KS: What is your favorite thing about KettleSpace?

JB: The Convenience of the locations!

KS: What does your business do?

JB: We provide all-natural, high-grade, doctor-approved and third-party tested supplements to people with autoimmune, gut, and immune system issues. We consider it functional medicine or alternative medicine to prescription drugs. In addition, my Dad is an expert in working with children with autism, ADHD, and asthma. He has written several books and works with patients from all over the world.

KS: What projects are you working on now?

JB: At the moment, I’m working on re-branding our supplements to a mission of Be Healthy, Give Healthy. Our goal is for each supplement we sell to feed at least one child in impoverished countries such as Haiti, Honduras, and Ethiopia. My nonprofit I founded called The Hugo Project, partnered with another organization that for just $1 dollar a day, one can feed a child. This idea, take a supplement, feed a child right now is our mission.

KS: What do you like to do when you’re not working here?

JB: When I’m not working I like to work out, read up on how to make a business more successful, and hang out with my nephew - a mini golden doodle named Murphy.

KS: If we could introduce you to a business leader you’d really like to meet, who would that be? And what would you like to learn? Think big here you never know if that person will read your response.

JB: I would like to meet Blake Mycoskie, the man who founded Toms Shoes. I’d like to learn the behind-the-scenes operations of creating a social enterprise from scratch. I’d also love to pick his brain on how to provide a culture that breeds freedom and creativity.

KS: Are there skills you want to offer the KettleSpace community?

JB: Not necessarily a skill but we would be happy to share our supplements!

KS: How can people get in touch with you?

JB: People can get in touch with me at Jordan at or at thehugoprojects at

KS: What is your favorite pasta shape and why?

JB: I like bow-tie pasta because they’re classy as 💩

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