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Finding inspiration seems to be a key theme for many of us these days. Adjusting to new normals, social distancing, uncertainty, cabin fever...we get it. To avoid filling your inboxes/screens with yet another “we’re all in this together + stock images” message (click here if you haven’t seen the montage), we thought it might be most helpful to share what has been inspiring us...YOU!

In this virtual world, members of Team KettleSpace have chatted on the phone, meditated, sipped adult beverages, broken a sweat, or shared a laugh with more than 1,000 Members of the greater KettleSpace community. You’re coping, offering to help others in the community, getting creative, trying new things, finding silver linings, and marching forward. Your resilience is remarkable. Here are some #weeklywins to provide a flavor.


🙇 Thanks to Member @Emilie Leyes for sharing her story in our latest Member Spotlight. Emilie offered some good WFH advice and talked about guiding clients who want to make lifestyle changes. #appreciation #workfromhome

🌟 Congratulations to Member @Amy Klein on her triumphant book launch of The Trying Game: Get Through Fertility Treatment and Get Pregnant Without Losing Your Mind. Read all about it in her Member Profile. #booklaunch #memberstory #communitywins

📰 Quote of the week: "I feel absolutely obligated to give Raphi Salem a huge testimonial this morning! We met last week through a KettleSpace event and we just had an initial introductory conversation and he gave me practically more VALUE than I could handle." posted by Evan Rabin

Let’s look forward to something together...

In the spirit of co-authoring our shared culture, two things are coming in loud and clear from our Members…

1. So many of you want to pay it forward to others in the KettleSpace community.

2. There’s a strong shared desire to trade value between Members (paying gigs, expertise, contacts, etc).

In response, we are adjusting two key features of our Virtual Membership prototype:

- Welcome...The Five Minute Favor -- volunteer to help a fellow KettleSpace Member by offering 5 mins of your time to speak about an area in which you are an expert. Science shows we humans are at our best when we give. You’re now officially invited to be your best self while lifting up your virtual coworking neighbor!

- We are updating the format of our Talent & Knowledge Exchange so that you can level up your game by tapping into a wide range of resources within the KettleSpace Community.

#Virtual Events

Join us and stay connected, meet interesting people, learn new things, trade ideas, exercise, and have fun. Find a full list of events here and add our event calendar to yours from here.

💈 Is it time for trim? Tired of the “bad hair days”? Join Megan Garmers on May 6th and learn a few tips and tricks to tame your own locks during quarantine. RSVP Here.

🏋️On May 7th at 5PM, Jenny Kavak is going to push you to a new level with a 40-minute HIIT class. Take a break from work and break a sweat.

🍻”Have one” with us. Log on to join our weekly Happy Hours. We drink our drinks (byob), play games, and have a little pre-weekend fun. Sip and unwind together @ 5:30pm ET every Friday! #virtualeventsrule #it’s5o’clocksomewhere #winddownwithus


In the spirit of building connections, please feel free to forward this invite to your friends, friends that are family, actual family, and colleagues. It's free to join for all and you might just brighten someone's day in the process.

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