Let's Talk Returning to Work

Returning to work together

We hear you. Now that the weather is finally breaking, cabin fever is at an all time high. Many of you are eager to get back into the world and yet you have concerns about how this might look. This is a hot topic across the globe. And it’s on our minds too, as we’re preparing our plan to welcome you back safely to inspiring spaces. Your safety is our top priority. As such, we’ll be implementing new processes and wellness procedures. ‍

How's it going to look?

The KettleSpace business model is unique. Unlike traditional coworking companies that are tied to fixed space, we have the flexibility to focus first on the needs of our people and then adapt the types and configurations of our locations to fit what our Members actually want.

Your opinions matter

Let’s begin the dialogue of returning to work together, so we can get back into space in a manner that addresses your needs and wants. In our ongoing commitment of co-authorship, we would love to hear from you. Please take this quick survey to share your specific thoughts, concerns, and questions so we can incorporate your ideas into our overall return to work plan.


🎬 Congrats to Member Craig Schattner, a freelance video producer. He was contracted by People for the American Way to produce a suite of over a dozen motion graphic videos that support a national effort to elect federal judges. #makingadifference #doinghispart

🌟 Member Elki Camacho, the Principal and CEO of Elki Consulting Group, was recently elected to the Board of Directors for The Hudson County Chamber of Commerce. She launched a new Women’s initiative, Women of Commerce in Hudson County. #winning #leadership

Funny Man and KettleSpace Member, Todd Stone, sent us this video on how to manage our work-life balance during quarantine. #timetolaugh #havefun

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