Key Takeaways from the Roundtable on Navigating the Return to Work

If your company is returning to work, you should have been at “The Future of Work: Navigating the Return to Work,” a Webinar that KettleSpace hosted on September 25th in collaboration with Hacker Paradise. Big ideas from a stimulating panel of experts were flying everywhere. The panel, ably hosted by Tamar Levin, included:

Virginia Campo, digital entrepreneur, and HR Consultant

John Germinario, Head of People Operations at New Avon

Sharon Jautz, Head of HR at Ascential North America, a management consulting firm

Sara Magnabosco, Head of Operations at Hacker Paradise in France

Bonnie Zaben, COO at AC Lion, a leading digital talent recruiting firm

This virtual event was so packed with ideas and insights, that we want to share it with you here:

But we also want to share some selected insights about the new world of work that these experts shared.

Key Quotes and Insights from the “Future of Work” Webinar Panel . . .

From Bonnie Zaben . . . “The key question is not whether the corporate office is dead, but what will the next evolution look like? For a lot of us, the corporate office fulfilled different needs in our life. For some people, it was a physical place to work away from the kids. For some people, it was collaboration . . . Things have accelerated in the last six months. Things that we thought were only happening in tech are now happening in other industries.”

From John Germinario . . . “Certain industries, like professional services and banking, are going to resist flexibility . . . Are we really going to ask people to return five days a week to Manhattan, commuting three hours a day, when things are going well?”

From Sara Magnabosco . . . “`Work from anywhere’ programs offer companies not only solutions for working, but opportunities to recruit more powerful workforces.”

From Sharon Jautz . . . “The corporate office is on life support . . . the way we have been working has been based on military functionality (nine to five, lunch at noon) and I think we have been looking at different ways of working. And in fact, they have been working well.”

From Virginia Campo . . . “We think of a corporate office as having one culture and that can live on, even virtually. For example you have to dress a certain way, and whether or not a company provides you with equipment to work at home . . . I think that corporate culture can transcend virtually. And the concept of the office will evolve. For the last three years, my office has changed every day.”

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