KettleSpace vs. WeWork

Two of New York City’s largest coworking networks are WeWork and KettleSpace, both of which provide places to work in Manhattan and Brooklyn with WiFi, power outlets and growing communities of freelancers to help you build your professional network. The two networks have a lot of the same perks, such as the ability to work from any of their multiple locations and free coffee and tea; but there are plenty of differences as well. These are a few of the things to keep in mind when deciding between KettleSpace and WeWork.


The biggest difference between KettleSpace and WeWork is the price. KettleSpace is one of the most affordable coworking options in New York City, with multiple plans that are all less than $100 per month. The lowest price is $49 monthly, which allows for 40-hours per month across its network of locations, which is great as an option for an affordable meeting space in NYC, or a place to work on your side-hustle. WeWork’s shared workspace plans start at $220 per month, and their on-demand plan starts at $45 per month. With WeWork On-Demand, you get one-day of office access free and then pay-as-you-go if you need an hourly conference room or a desk. WeWork prices vary by location and a full list of up-to-date pricing is available at their website. Some spaces can be a bit pricey in comparison to other coworking spaces in Manhattan, it typically depends on amenities, what type of space you need (office versus unreserved desk) and the location.

Space and set up

WeWork locations vary in set up and desk options. Some (like North Williamsburg) are built around flexible hot desks that are not reserved, while others (like Meatpacking) are mostly reserved, private offices for individuals or small teams. At KettleSpace, which transforms restaurants into coworking spaces during the day while the restaurants are idle, everything is open with small and large tables that can be used for private phone calls or collaborative group meetings (or even working lunches). Both coworking organizations have a variety of lounge and seating options, so there’s usually something that fits your need. Be it a booth at a hip KettleSpace restaurant, or a couch in the lounge area of a WeWork space; variety spices up your workday!

Coffee, food and snack options

One of the benefits of coworking from a restaurant is that at many of the locations in the KettleSpace network, you can order off a special lunch menu, just for members, and typically at substantial discounts. Many KettleSpace restaurants also feature full bars that you are welcome to order from while you work or meet. If you stay late, after the space converts back to a restaurant, KettleSpace members enjoy handsome discounts during happy hour and in many cases, dinner. KettleSpace offers free self-serve coffee, tea, water and light snacks. WeWork spaces typically have an Honesty Market on-site, with snacks like chips, energy bars and candy available for purchase. WeWork locations also offer free self-serve coffee, tea, water and in some cases, beer. Fridges and microwaves are available if you choose to bring lunch from home. At most KettleSpace locations you can bring in your own food as well.

Full-network access

A monthly plan with KettleSpace or WeWork provides you access to all of the coworking spaces available in the network. At KettleSpace, you can drop into whichever space is most convenient for you on a certain day, even if it is just for 20 minutes before your next meeting. At WeWork, the same flexibility is available at some locations that have open workspaces, while others require a reservation of a conference room using your allotment of credits. Both networks are steadily growing though, and the biggest benefit of both WeWork and KettleSpace is that whichever neighborhood you’re in while working in NYC, you are bound to find a location close by.

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