KettleSpace vs. Starbucks

One of the most common places for freelancers and remote employees to work from is Starbucks, especially while traveling or after relocating to a new neighborhood. While it is a widely available option, Starbucks can be unreliable for a number of reasons, not to mention the fact that you may get unwanted glares from an employee if you spread out your work station for a few hours. Before heading to the nearest Starbucks for hectic day of work, consider these reasons why working at KettleSpace may be a better plan for productivity.

Power Outlets and WiFi

One of the essential elements of a successful day of remote work is reliable WiFi and power outlet availability, and Starbucks can be very hit or miss with both. In New York City especially, Starbucks is one of the few places tourists and locals alike know they can go to for a quick recharge, but that also means power outlets are claimed quickly, if they exist at all. The WiFi can be decent at times, but each location is different and you never know when a network will be unavailable. Instead, consider KettleSpace, where community managers ensure power outlets are available for everyone at nearly every table. The community managers also ensure WiFi is ever present and if there’s an issue, they are troubleshooting in real-time. Each restaurant coworking space in the KettleSpace community has a dedicated WiFi network that only members can connect to, so you know you won’t be kicked off or have a slow connection when you need it most.

Noise and Distractions

If you’re looking for an alternative to Starbucks for coworking, it likely could be because you’ve experienced the loudness, crowding and distractions that come with working in a coffee shop. Even if you are able to find a seat and table to work from, you may get an unwanted neighbor who asks to share your table, a loud group chatting nearby, or some other sort of annoyance, be it from a patron who smells or staff member trying sweep under your table. Starbucks prides itself on being a community meeting place and that is what it is meant to be — not a private coworking space. Working at KettleSpace ensures quiet work alongside other freelancers and remote workers who are also focused on getting work done.


The biggest selling point of Starbucks is how readily available they are, but KettleSpace holds its own when it comes to location availability. KettleSpace currently has locations throughout Manhattan, as well as in Brooklyn, and a single membership allows you access to all spaces. Each location provides all of the KettleSpace perks, so you’ll find seating and reliable WiFi wherever you choose to work from.

Food and Drink

Just because you love your soy lattes or are drawn in by Unicorn Frappuccinos does not mean Starbucks is where you should be working from, too. Even in the morning when the most ample selection of food and snacks is available, working from a Starbucks does not compare to the great food and drink options available at the restaurants you can work from with KettleSpace. In addition to free snacks, coffee, tea and water, KettleSpace’s network of restaurants allow you order from special food and drink menus while you work. Some locations even offer happy hour and dinner specials if you stay over when the restaurant converts back to full-service in the evening.

KettleSpace is also great for team meetings, group projects and client discussions because it is more intimate and quiet than a coffee shop. Plus, each restaurant has ample seating options, from small booths and tables, to larger tables and private areas.

Regardless of your coworking needs, the small expenses of coffee and snacks throughout the day is likely more than the cost of a coworking membership in New York City with KettleSpace.