KettleSpace vs. Croissant

Two of the most talked about organizations in coworking at the moment are KettleSpace and Croissant. Both with culinary-inspired names, KettleSpace and Croissant are working to shake up the coworking game with their innovative approaches to shared workspaces in NYC. Croissant is a classpass-like membership that allows you access to a list of unaffiliated coworking spaces, while KettleSpace is providing affordable coworking in New York City by repurposing restaurants during their off-hours. Here are a few of the key differences between the two companies.


KettleSpace and Croissant both start with low-priced, 10-hour plans at $25 per month with guest access available at an additional cost. For 40-hours a month, KettleSpace is $49 while Croissant is $85, and for full-time coworkers, KettleSpace is $99 per month for unlimited access while Croissant is $185 per month for 120 hours. Both KettleSpace and Croissant are appealing for those looking for affordable coworking options in NYC, with their largest plans still priced at around a quarter of the cost of a dedicated desk at most of New York City’s coworking facilities.

Trial Membership

This is something the two shared office networks have in common. Both Croissant and KettleSpace currently offer a one-week free trial to allow for you to test out their service and see if the facilities are right for you. Signing up for both trials is easy, as is upgrading to a paid membership (or cancelling if you decide on a different strategy). A trial membership will provide you access to all KettleSpace or Croissant locations, so you can truly get a taste of everything both services have to offer.

Guaranteed Seating

Croissant and KettleSpace both operate on a first-come-first-served basis for seating. Croissant allows for advanced reservations if you would like to reserve a seat, but day-of drop-ins depend on space being available. KettleSpace does not guarantee seating, but the large restaurant spaces are full of seats and you can almost always count on finding a space to work that is to your liking. Additionally, through the KettleSpace app and website, you can view each location’s hours and availability in real-time.

Community and Events

The big benefit of Croissant is the ability to drop into any coworking community and work from it for a few hours or a day. There’s no denying the benefit of that, but you will miss out on some of the biggest perks of coworking, like networking events and ability to get to know your community. KettleSpace hosts a mixture of public and members-only events that lead to new knowledge and networking opportunities.

KettleSpace and Croissant are two exciting coworking companies shaking up the model and introducing you to new spaces and alternatives to working from home. Take advantage of the free trials and decide what type of membership and community you are seeking. Happy coworking!

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