KettleSpace vs. Breather

City dwellers certainly love the hustle and bustle, but we also need a break from the noise and rush every now and then. For freelancers and remote workers, that need can be even greater, especially if you tend to work from a coffee shop or shared office without much privacy or space. Two alternatives to traditional coworking in New York City are KettleSpace and Breather, which have varied options available for last-minute meeting spaces or quiet desks to work from. Here are four of the biggest differences between KettleSpace and Breather so you can choose which might be right for you.

Monthly vs. hourly

KettleSpace, which turns restaurants into coworking spaces during their downtime, offers three tiers of monthly membership ranging in price from $25 to $99, depending on how many hours of network-wide access you think you’ll need (from 10 hours/month to unlimited). Breather bookings are available hourly or daily, with some spaces available for $30-$40 an hour, but others can often exceed $100 for 60 minutes. Both options have no long-term commitments, though. KettleSpace memberships are month-to-month, while Breather can be booked depending on exactly how much time you think you’ll need.

Coffee, tea and snacks vs. bringing your own

All KettleSpace locations are stocked with free coffee, tea and snacks. Most locations also offer a special discounted lunch menu for members (and their guests) and then drink and dinner specials when the restaurant converts back to full-service in the evening. At Breather, you may find a space with coffee or water available, but most do not provide such amenities. You’ll need to stop at a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts to stock up before your meeting.

Community vs. private

KettleSpace locations are shared coworking spaces that range in size with plenty of tablespace available and lots of outlets so you’ll never be without power. Breather allows you to book a private space to work or meet from, more like AirBnb than coworking. There are perks of both, depending on what you need. KettleSpace is great for both solo work and working lunches or meetings; with large tables, alcoves and areas that can fit your whole team. Breather has spaces for large meetings too, although hourly or daily costs for larger rooms in prime locations can be expensive in comparison. With the extra expense you do get a lot of privacy though. With KettleSpace, you are part of a collaborative atmosphere that encourages connections, networking and conversations with other like minded freelancers (for those who want to do so).

Guaranteed WiFi and outlets vs. varied by location

All KettleSpace locations promise reliable WiFi and ample power outlets to recharge your devices. Breather lists which locations have WiFi and outlets available, but it varies by space so you need to be very diligent when booking. The owner of a Breather location provides the WiFi, so speed, reliability and availability when you arrive are not always guaranteed. At KettleSpace, you simply connect to the KettleSpace WiFi network and log in with your membership credentials for secure and reliable access all day.

Come and go vs. reservation required

One of the biggest perks of KettleSpace is knowing that you have a quiet place to pop into if you need a desk between meetings or want to work for 30-minutes before heading home for the day to avoid the rush hour. A monthly plan allows for access to all of KettleSpace’s locations and you’ll never need to reserve a desk in advance. With Breather, reservations are required, meaning that you do not have the same freedom for quick stops or last-minute decisions to get some work done.

Each service has its advantages depending on your space needs at any given time. A final added benefit with KettleSpace is its week-long free trial that lets you experience unique coworking spaces in New York City at no cost.