KettleSpace Member Profile: Todd Stone

Hi guys. I’m a KettleSpace member and a writer. But I’ve never done an interview of myself. It’s kind of like talking to myself, which I definitely have done before. Some doctors actually say that it’s healthy to talk to yourself. Note the word “some.” Here goes…

What do you do?

I am a writer. I’ve written in many capacities – as a reporter, blog writer, copywriter writer and comedy writer. By night, I perform stand up comedy with my twin brother. We perform as a duo called Stone and Stone. We were semi-finalists one year on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” We’ve also roasted Dennis Rodman, which was a lot of fun. And we roasted George Takei and Padma Lakshmi. I’ve written videos for ComedyCentral and truTV and I was interviewed about comedy with my brother on CNN and also on a whole bunch of podcasts you probably haven’t heard of. We’ve performed at nearly every major comedy club in NYC (including the ComedyCellar) and in nearly every back room of a bar that will allow comedians to put on shows. Oh, and we’ve performed at “comedy night” for a whole bunch of synagogues in the tri-state area. They actually pay the best.

What projects are you working on?

I’m currently trying to get everyone in New York City to laugh at the very same time. The idea is to create a sound so loud that the whole city shakes. Car alarms go off and babies (and the elderly) start to cry from confusion. That’s my dream.

No, no, no! I’m being silly.

Seriously, I’m working on completing a comedy web series with my brother called “Going Both Ways.” We have a really talented and professional team that has poured their lives into this over the last year or more. It should be ready within the next few months. We’re really hoping to turn it into a TV show! That really is my dream. If you’re interested in watching the series, please go to and add your email at the bottom, or follow us on Instagram at @stoneandstoneor or @goingbothways.

Also, I write for StreetEasy’s website, which I love. And it looks like I’ll be starting to write a column for them on interesting New Yorkers and their apartments! I’m also looking for more full-time writing opportunities. But while I do that, I’m grateful to have these exciting projects to work on.

How does KettleSpace help you do what you do?

First of all, I’ve found that KettleSpace is perfect for first dates. I really like to observe how someone works before considering them for anything romantic. And KettleSpace allows you to bring guests! You’re getting the pattern, right? I start with a joke, then serious. Joke-serious, joke-serious. So, for the real answer:

Over the years, I’ve come to learn that I really don’t work very well when I’m alone, particularly when I’m alone in my apartment. Distractions abound and I have found that I work best when there are other people around me who are also working.

There happens to be a KettleSpace location right near where I live on the upper west side. It’s a spacious room in the back of The Ribbon restaurant. It has plenty of natural light (which I like), ample outlets, comfortable banquet seating and a handsome décor. I really love it. It even helps me start my day because I look forward to going to what is essentially my office.

What are some of your favorite things about KettleSpace?

[Fill in your own joke here]. I’ll admit that the affordable cost was a key factor for me joining KettleSpace and something I really appreciate about it. Of course, everyone knows about WeWork. I’m sure WeWork can be great, but it’s expensive, particularly for an individual freelancer like me who’s looking to work in Manhattan.

To get a “hot desk” at a WeWork, which is their parlance for one person having the ability to work daily at a particular WeWork location,the least expensive rate in Manhattan is $430 a month. The average is more like $550. This compares to $99 monthly for the same ability to sit in a vacant seat at a KettleSpace. And at any KettleSpace location. Also, I happen to love restaurants. So the idea of working quietly in a restaurant is kind of like heaven for me. And we’re not talking about Taco Bell. These are elegant restaurants in lovely neighborhoods that happen to have extra unused space during the day.

Aside from KettleSpace being a clever idea - to maximize under-utilized space - I also like it because I feel that by co-working at KettleSpace, I’m supporting local businesses instead of an international company. When a restaurant signs up to participate with KettleSpace, they get a new revenue stream, which is a great thing. The restaurant business is notoriously difficult. And it’s far more challenging in New York City with so much competition and astronomical commercial rent. So I feel that,in a small way, I’m supporting local restaurants when I work at KettleSpace. I really think KettleSpace is a win-win, for me and for New York City restaurants.

How often do you floss?

That’s irrelevant and none of your business. And that’s all for now. I have to leave and get some work done.

[Todd rises and walksaway]

Wait, where are you going?

To a KettleSpace.

About the Author

Todd Stone is a writer, comedian, proud identical twin and proud graduate of Wesleyan University. He's also a coworking enthusiast and went to the Columbia School of Journalism where he wrote a thesis story all about coworking in New York City.