KettleSpace Member Organizes Outreach Plan Around Pledge to Review Police Use of Force Policies

In the wake of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, Crystal Callahan set out to find something she could do to help bring about positive change.

“We can take some of this pain and this rage and find some productive ways to say, ‘This is not OK. I see you. We see you. We are citizens of this country, and this is not OK,’” said Crystal, a KettleSpace Member since February 2020. “Everybody has to define what activism is to them. I’m no different than anybody else, wondering, ‘What should I be doing right now?’”

Crystal found her answer earlier this summer when she watched a talk by former President Barack Obama. She learned that the Obama Foundation had called upon mayors to pledge to review and reform police use of force policies in their cities, an effort she wants to support by organizing a group of volunteers to contact officials, urge them to take the pledge, and then document their responses.

She wants to have KettleSpace Members join her in sending texts and emails, writing letters, and making phone calls, since she believes such outreach is a natural follow-up to the recent “Race, Unconscious Bias, and Mindfulness” event with Sebene Selassie.

Crystal, co-founder of Makeur, a social impact group that organizes teams to help people around the world, is working to include outreach information on the company’s website. It will be a part of Makeur’s World Peace initiative, which is “where we address ways to take actions that can help bridge divides,” she explained. Her goal is to develop a database of the information that she and others collect.

“I want to make this transparent,” Crystal said, noting that she envisions people across the country someday logging on to the Makeur site and finding out where their leaders stand on police use of force policies. “We can bring this information to the public.”

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