KettleSpace Member Meet-Up: Karina Mikhli, Founder of

Let’s say you have a big idea, you started a company, you hired marketers, product developers and salespeople – and now you’re off and running. Then one day you wake up and realize you don’t really know how to run a company, or you’re too wrapped up doing other stuff to do a good job of running your operations.

Lots of entrepreneurs find themselves in that situation. That explains why back in 2019, Karina Mikhli started a company called Right-Size COO. She and her team will handle things that you don’t have the time or the skills to do, including HR functions, customer on-boarding, vendor selection and management, and more.

Karina can go into companies and manage operations, either with the help of her team, by managing the current team, or by hiring and training a new team. And she does it all by developing right-size solutions for your organization. (That’s why she calls her company Right-Size COO, get it?)

Enter KettleSpace, the Ideal Work Space for Right-Size COO

A few years ago while Karina was looking for the right place to host meetings, she happened to meet KettleSpace’s Co-Founder Dan Rosenzweig, “I thought KettleSpace was brilliant,” she says. So she used KettleSpace, loved it, and is now a regular user and coworking Member because KS is, in her words “flexible and affordable.” She also says that KS helps her connect with a community of people who have started companies and may need her help, as well as freelancers to add to her growing freelance pool.

Here’s What Karina Likes to Do

· Spend time with her 18-year-old son when he’s home from college

· Solve problems for small companies that need help staffing up, on boarding, and meeting other operational challenges.

· Enjoy life in her Brooklyn neighborhood.

· Do dramatic improv – something she started to do two years ago to “recharge” after reading the book Rest: How to Get More Done While You Work Less by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang.

· Work at KettleSpace’s Pondicheri location especially, but she’ll drop in and hold meetings at other KS’s locations too.

· Tell other KS users about her company and what she does. ‍

What Company Leader Would She Most Like to Meet?

Karina says she would like to meet Arianna Huffington. “I’d like to ask her how she balances life and sleep while getting everything else done,” Karina says.

Now for some fun...What Is Karina’s Favorite Pasta Shape?

“I’m actually not a big pasta fan, but when I do eat it, I like bow ties,” Karina says. “They’re easier to eat than any of the stringy shapes.”

How Can You Get in Touch with Karina and Learn More about Right-Size COO?

Visit or drop by Karina’s LinkedIn page.

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