Kettle Launches New Insights Tool to Help Organizations Evaluate ROI and Financial Impact of Hybrid

Updated: Aug 16

Kettle’s technology is powering organizations’ hybrid shift

New York, NY (August 6, 2021) -- Kettle, a leader in workspace technology, today announced the launch of ‘Kettle IDEA: Insights, Data, Employee Utilization, Analysis Tool’ for their KettleOS solution. As more organizations embrace flexible workplace policies, including hybrid, work-from-home and work-near-home, IDEA offers a "portfolio view" of office space utilization, allowing companies to easily compare different offices while powering decision making about leasing and management.

“It’s important for organizations to understand their employees’ preferences and behaviors in order to choose the best workplace solutions for them, whether that’s a location in the office, near the home/office or even at home,” said Nick Iovacchini, CEO & Co-Founder of Kettle. “Through qualitative and quantitative analysis, our platform helps determine employees’ utilization practices and work preferences so companies can offer the solutions that make the most sense for their employees while improving real estate ROI.”

IDEA offers KettleOS customers insights into their sustainable hybrid onsite and remote work. With the reduction of HQ footprint to save money, flexible space solutions will also be needed for distributed teams to meet locally and build culture. Kettle provides this solution and allows organizations to see when and where their employees are working through KettleOS, their new Workplace Experience (WX) Platform.

“As organizations adopt a hybrid work model they must have the proper technology in place to do so effectively. At Kettle, we’ve developed solutions that shepherd companies through this massive transition,” added Iovacchini.

In May, Kettle launched KettleOS to empower organizations with the necessary operating system to coordinate and optimize the new landscape of hybrid work. The KettleOS solution includes tools for leadership to manage new people operations and workspace considerations. This includes the ability to manage when and where individuals and teams work, plus the ability to monitor performance over time in these new models. IDEA is the outcome of collaboration and feedback from launch partners. This streamlined approach helps management measure and promote employee engagement and collaboration in this new mixed-modality environment.

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About Kettle

Kettle is a workspace technology company based in NYC that has been a pioneer in hybrid work for the last 5+ years. With its robust software competencies, a network of inspiring local workspaces, and expertise in flexible work models, Kettle has empowered more than 50,000 users and 100 workspaces.

KettleOS is an operating system with intuitive tools for employers and employees working collaboratively to return to the office and/or transition to hybrid work models. The platform coordinates people (individuals and teams) with schedules and access to diverse workspace options. By design, it’s flexible and iterative to support organizations navigating this evolving landscape.