Hybrid Work Lets You Live a Much Better Life

. . . Here’s Why

We just found the results of a survey that Entrepreneur did way back in 2015. You remember, the days when nobody had even heard the term Covid-19.

Entrepreneur asked a group of ambitious people one question . . .

Why do you want to start a business?

And the answers that Entrepreneur got to that question are pretty fascinating today. Some of the reasons people said they wanted to own businesses were:

  • A chance to work from anywhere

  • The leeway to reduce my commute

  • The flexibility to have more control over the hours I work

  • The leeway to get things done faster

  • An enhanced ability to follow my passions

  • A chance to meet new people

  • The experience of having new challenges every day

  • A better ability to connect with clients

  • A chance to learn new skills

  • The opportunity to be a mentor or become one

  • A chance to be more creative

Why We Find those Responses So Interesting

It’s because you would probably get some of those same answers today, if not all of them, if you asked people why they like to work for hybrid workplaces.

Today’s hybrid workers can: work where they want to . . . enjoy shorter commutes . . . work alongside new people . . . get their work done in less time . . . and enjoy other benefits that only business owners experienced only six or seven years ago.

So that helps us conclude that working in a hybrid workplace model allows people to enjoy a much better working life than they did while they were commuting to company facilities. Working hybrid provides many of the same benefits of owning a business.

Will You Find Hybrid Work as Satisfying as Owning a Business?

There are many answers to that question.

Some people are really ready to own businesses, other people are not. Some people are simply not interested in owning businesses of their own. That level of responsibility simply is not for them. Other people are only planning to work for a few years before starting a family. Other people are about to retire. And then there are all the creative people - actors, artists, musicians - who are only working until they are able to pursue their life passions.

But the bottom line is, setting up a hybrid workplace makes working better for all the people in your workforce – for everyone.

And if you are an employer, you can make your employees’ lives much better by offering the chance to work remotely.

Many considerations come into play – where your company is located, who your employees are, where they live, and more. Kettle is the expert in creating hybrid and other work experiences that work best for your company and your workforce. We know the questions to ask. Why not contact us – we have hybrid workplace solutions that will work for you.

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