How Your Company Will Be Different – Much Different – Starting Today

Companies now realize they have been changed permanently by the virus crisis. They know that there will be no such thing as returning to business as usual, because business in all its forms has become unusual.

You and your company have evolved. You might think that you want to go back to the way you were before the pandemic, but you really don’t because your whole life has changed. You don’t look the same, you don’t act the same and you have learned to do some very new things. And as a result, you are better adapted to doing business in a world that is new.

So, what can you do now that you couldn’t do before? And what’s going to happen to you now?

Guess what, you are now in the experience business

You aren’t just a company where employees arrive, log in, work for a time, then go home. Chances are you are now providing your people with remote experiences about their health, professional activities, and even motivational and happiness skills like meditating and doing yoga at their desks. And guess what, you have a new kind of relationship with them that you will probably want to continue. Plus, your people will probably want you to go on providing those experiences. As a result, you have become a more sympathetic employer with employees who are more motivated. Plus, you might have become a company that stands for something and that has a new and improved image and brand.

Your new responsibility as a company is to decide how you will continue in this new role. That is an opportunity.

Remote business is here to stay

Your people have discovered new ways of working from home, working from remote locations . . . working from anywhere. In the process, they have developed new ways of connecting with you and their teams, new ways of communicating, and new ways of functioning as a community. All those positive changes occurred organically and naturally, because they had to.

Try to understand how people are working remotely and support them as they do it more. Also, there are opportunities, because if you become a company that supports people who work remotely, more people will want to work for you, and you will become an employer of choice - a company that people want to work for. You have a new strength.

You now support a wider range of lifestyles

Through the changes you have made and will make, you have the opportunity to become home to a more diverse workforce. Thanks to remote work, you have new opportunities that can include . . .

- Using more remote, flextime and part time workers

- Employing more working parents, who can work from home

- Using virtual and remote meeting technology to integrate consultants and experts seamlessly into meetings and internal processes ‍

You have a new emphasis on wellness and health

You are implementing programs and protocols to help employees be safe in your workplace. You are probably offering wellness programs that educate and protect them. The result? You have the opportunity to create new and more caring relationships with the people who work for you.

When you care for people, they care more about working for you. The result can be a true win/win relationship for everyone who is affiliated with your organization.

You can offer employees a wider range of working options

Some of your employees are eager to return to working in your company location or locations. Others loved working from home, and that they want to continue to do so. Others might be looking for flexible or other options that let them tailor their schedules to their newly discovered preferences. Remember, KettleSpace offers a better way to help you and your employees define what will work best for them, and how. Talk with us today?

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