Hacking Your Way To Great Lunches In NYC

As most people would agree, NYC is full of delicious and diverse cuisine; it’s a city with someone for everyone and every budget. New York City truly has it all. But, the problem is that with all of these choices, it can be difficult to choose exactly where to eat, which can make it tough to find a great lunch, especially if you happen to be on a time crunch.

Here are three ways to hack your way to a great lunch in NYC:

  1. Yelp — Yelp is truly a New Yorkers’ best friend. Not only does the easy-to-use app and website list practically every restaurant, coffee shop, and bar in the city that never sleeps, each listing comes complete with reviews from customers, directions, contact information, menus, and on occasion, special offers. Most listings incorporate both business supplied photos and user submitted photos of cuisine and the establishment itself, giving you a firsthand look so you’ll know what you’re getting. The way you use Yelp is simple. Leverage the search feature to filter results by neighborhood, cuisine type, price point, and more. Or, you can specify an address and Yelp will return a list of nearby establishments. Even better, Yelp has lunch delivery options as well, so you don’t even have to leave your desk to get exactly what you have been craving. There is truly not a better website for hacking a great lunch in NYC than with Yelp.

  2. MealPal — MealPal is changing the way New Yorkers do lunch. The innovative company is growing rapidly, and with good reason. MealPal is a service that enables New Yorkers to “reserve” a discounted lunch from a wide range of eateries. The process is simple, once you join MealPal, you log onto the website the day/night before and “reserve” your meal for the next day. You pay a membership fee (depending on how many meals you want) and then you are entitled to a large list of restaurants offering meals at discounted prices. You can narrow your search by cuisine and location. MealPal works because it is convenient, especially for people on the go; and, it gives you access to member-only discounts. Members who have have already reserved their meal don’t even have to wait in line once they get to the eatery. They simply walk up to the register and pick up their ready-made meal. The service is great because it allows people to try different types of food that they have never tried before at a nice discount.

  3. KettleSpace— Our third and final way to hack a great lunch in NYC is perhaps the city’s best kept secret, and a great one for those who are part of the freelancing community. KettleSpace converts some of the city’s hippest dining establishments into cool coworking spaces while they are idle during the day. Members have access to all locations across the city, meeting space, free perks such as fast and reliable wifi, free coffee/tea, snacks, ample power outlets and networking events. But that’s just the coworking part of it… Since KettleSpace is a network of restaurants, many provide members with a special discounted menu during the day — perfect for a working lunch and an opportunity to sample some of New York’s best food. When the dining establishments convert back to dinner in the evening, members are invited to stay for happy hour specials and in some cases, dining specials. These perks make KettleSpace our secret hack for great (and affordable) business lunches.

So whatever your culinary jam, there’s a great meal awaiting you in New York. So log on the ‘net and follow your craving to some great deals and hidden secrets to navigating New York’s dining scene.