Eleven Reasons Coworking Is Great . . . But Ask the Right Questions

It probably won’t surprise you to hear that all of us at KettleSpace love sharing work spaces, and that we want you to love doing it too.

So we are always happy to hear that other people love the concept of shared work spaces every bit as much as we do. We recently made a discovery like that when we read the post “5 Reasons Why You Should Try Coworking Spaces and 1 Reason Why You Shouldn’t” that a writer named Jamie P. recently published on Tech Times.

So in our post today, we are going to start by telling you Jamie P.’s reasons why you should (and shouldn’t) try shared working spaces, and then add more reasons of our own.

Jamie P.’s Reasons Why You Should and Shouldn’t Try Coworking Spaces

You should try a shared work space if . . .

· It offers free internet and free food

· A lot of people are working there and creating a fun atmosphere

· You have to make only a minimal commitment to join and get started

· There is a no-hassle environment that minimizes interruptions

· You can document that your workers increase their productivity when they are there

You shouldn’t try a shared work space if . . .

· It’s too expensive

Six More Reasons Why You Should Try a KettleSpace Shared Working Space

Okay, we think that Jamie P. is wicked smart. Her observations are worth keeping in mind as you consider using a shared work space like one of ours. But we would like to add the additional reasons to Jamie’s list . . .

You should try a shared work space if . . .

· The numbers really work, which could mean a lot of things, including: you can afford it; you can add new employees and give them a place to work for less money than you would spend on getting them permanent office space; you can staff up with temps to accommodate a short-term staffing need. One thing for sure? If you get started and find out later that the costs are too high or you are paying for benefits you don’t really need, you are not going to keep using your shared work space for long.

· You gain a geographical advantage, which could mean: you will be able to have your employees work close to an important client or sales prospect; some of your workers can work close to their homes instead of having a long commute to your headquarters; you can establish a beachhead at low cost in a new city or territory.

· Your company would benefit from a motivational “shot in the arm” because: your employees are getting burned out working in headquarters; or maybe a creative new team is taking on an exciting new project and would benefit from working in a new setting.

· You need to apply special concentration to a high-stakes project, which means letting people take a retreat from working in your home office.

· Some of your key clients and customers are using KettleSpace too, which means that once you join, you can be in closer, productive contact.

· It just feels right, which is another way of saying that you and everyone on your staff get excited just thinking about working in a great and motivating shared work space. We realize that’s not scientific, but let’s face it. For many companies, offering their employees multiple work locations is pretty darn exciting. And as you might have noticed as you have been running your company, excitement counts.

And what should you do next? We suggest you start by joining KettleSpace today to start your membership. We’re here to help you make 2020 the year when you will write some great new chapters in the story of your success.

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