Drop-in Workspaces Are Useful for 45 minutes or the Whole Day 

If you’ve been a freelancer or contractor who can’t handle the distractions of working from home, then you’ve probably discovered a handful of mediocre places to work. Your local library that’s fine except for the grumbling homeless man who stares at you. That charming bookstore that’s great, except for the spotty internet. Even the Starbucks that’s pretty quiet, but the bathroom is always out of order.

There are always these “but...” issues with places that were not designed to function as workspaces. On the other hand, drop-in workspaces (or coworking spaces), are designed for work. So even spending a brief time in a drop-in workspace can yield very positive results. Studies have shown that people are more productive with a short period focused time than with hours of distracted time. So if you’re going to spend the whole day at a drop-in workspace or just 45 minutes in between meetings, that time is well spent. Of course, we can’t promise that you’ll avoid your own internal distractions, but we can save you time and stress avoiding the external ones.

Drop-in workspaces like KettleSpace have low noise, high internet speed, complimentary coffee, tea and cold water, and clean bathrooms where you don’t feel the need to open the door without using your hand.

Plan Your Day Around Your Plans, Not Your Workspace

The nice thing about belonging to a co-working space with multiple locations throughout the city is that you don’t have to think of co-working as simply a substitute for a traditional office that you go to every day.

Instead, you can plan your day around what you have to do and where you have to be, knowing that wherever you are in the city, there’s a quiet place nearby for you to drop in and do work. A drop-in workspace. If the main focus of your day is a client lunch meeting or a trade show, focus on that and let your work space fit in around your plans.

A lot of people have a regular coworking location that they go to most of the time. And it makes sense. After all, we are creatures of habit. Maybe the location is closest to where you live, or it has your favorite chairs. But it’s nice to know that, depending on your schedule, there are other coworking / drop-in workspaces where you can focus and work. No appointments necessary. You just show up.

Maybe on Wednesday nights you take a kickboxing class in Chelsea. Then The Wilson is probably your best bet that day. Perhaps you play softball in Central Park in the spring. Ribbon 72 is steps from the park. And on Fridays, you see your therapist on the Upper East Side. Well, Bohemian Spirit is on East 73rd. KettleSpace now has 15+ locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn and continues to expand. Check out all the locations here.

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