Creating Positive Vibes

This week we are choosing to focus on the positives, as so many of you have shared your experiences of silver linings. Whether it's more quality time with loved ones, calling old friends regularly, acting on an idea you’ve had, or simply the joys of loungewear, your shared stories of making lemonade are nourishment for the soul. You’re invited to drop in for our morning coffees, midday meditations, or “winedown” happy hours. Positive connections are happening on the daily. But don’t take our word for it, check out Barry’s story.

Todd Stone, a long-time KettleSpace Member, shared this video with some of his tips for working from home. Play for a guaranteed smile and show him some thumbs up love.

Let’s look forward to something together...

- Our Offer & Ask boards have been buzzing. Jobs are being posted, skills are being offered, and Members are connecting.

Have something to offer? Give us a shout.

- Here is one gem of a post. (FWIW, we have helped other co-founders connect, so take advantage of this opportunity. You might just find your future business partner). ‍

“We are searching for a Technical Co-founder - a full stack developer that can keep our current iOS app up and running and bug free, add features, fixes etc” Click to learn more.

- KettleSlack is where it’s at. If you haven’t already joined, you can jump in here.


👍 Congratulations to @michaelbernardi on landing a new job based on a connection from the community. Best of luck. #newadventure #timetowork

🙏Thanks @Mitch Bloom for your amazing feedback and contributions this week. #veryhelpful #moretocome

💥 New events - Join KettleSpace Member Dr. Piku Patnaik for an AMA "Covid-19: An Epidemiologist's View Of The Pandemic." #knowledgeispower #staysafe

🍻Cheers to those of you who have logged on to our weekly Happy Hours. We drank our drinks, played games, and had a little pre-weekend fun. Sip and unwind together @ 5:30pm every Friday! #virtualeventsrule #it’s5o’clocksomewhere

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