Coworking in New York: Questions to Ask When Picking Your Shared Work Space

KettleSpace offers beautiful, strategically located, comfy coworking spaces. So if your company is looking for the best facilities spaces for your employees to use, we hope you will choose us.

Yet at the same time, we have to say that there are a lot of New York coworking options available. And honestly, we want you to pick the one that works best for you, for a very simple reason. If you pick a coworking space that doesn’t serve your needs well, you are not going to keep using it for long. And because we want long-lasting relationships with our Members, we want you to ask the right questions ahead of time, so you will be completely delighted by your decision to join with us.

Here are some questions we recommend you ask before deciding.

Questions You Should Be Asking When Evaluating Coworking Space

“Can we try out the space for a while before we sign up?”

Let’s face it, you should be able to try out a space for a reasonable amount of time to assure yourself that it works for you.

“Do our people really like it?”

If they don’t, they won’t use it fully, and you won’t get the most usage and value from it. So send a team of your people to look at coworking spaces you are considering. Preferably, let them try it out before you sign on.

“Do the locations work for our people, their locations, and their routines?”

Coworking spaces that look great might not be so terrific if members of your team have to take two subway rides, plus a bus, to get to them. So be sure to ask your people, “Will this location work?” Another question? Be sure to ask employees who are parents whether the locations you are considering make sense – parents who need to drop their kids at childcare centers or schools have an extra step in their daily routines that you, as an enlightened employer, should be thinking about.

“What is the noise level, and how will it affect my people and their work?”

This is a tricky question. Your people should be able to enjoy working in a quiet environment. But at the same time, they should be free to converse, interact and enjoy a free level of communication. Again, let your people go in there and try it out.

“Are there meeting spaces available where our people can get away from other people and discuss sensitive issues?”

You don’t want your people discussing upcoming deals, proprietary information or similar issues “out in the open” where other companies’ employees can hear them. So take a close look and assure yourself that this need can be met.

“Can we talk to your other customers and users?”

Do they love it? Are there problems? How much do they use it? These clients will be able to give you the real scoop on what it is like to use the space you are considering.

“Can our people get outside, and what’s it like out there?”

Not every shared coworking space is located near a beautiful park, a nice covered outdoor area with benches, or a nifty glass atrium with big potted trees. But nonetheless, it is work taking a look to see what will greet people if they want to go outside for a breath of air.

“How are the light and ventilation?”

Your people need to see, and they need to breathe! So walk in, look around, and take a deep breath. Also set up a laptop and put down an on-paper document on one of the tables or surfaces where your people will work. How do they look? Again, will your people be happy to work there?

And . . . Do You and Your People Love It?

Let’s face it. People who love the places they work are more likely to love their work, and to love working for your company. So ask the right questions ahead of time, listen to your people, and get ready to completely enjoy a great new way of working.

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