Coworking in a restaurant, is it right for me?

When it comes to coworking communities, each network of spaces tends to have a theme, vibe and general culture, in addition to the various menu of amenities. Most modern coworking spaces tend to look the same with similar décor, standard seating arrangements, and day-to-day operations that meet a core set of standards. This is all fine of course, as it helps freelancers and professionals pick the ones they prefer by focusing on location (convenience) and membership prices, more so than décor and style. The truth is that this can quickly become extremely boring and uninspiring.

In most cases, coworking community spaces tend to include just the basics: a large room decorated in a modern and minimalist style; and then several small rooms geared toward providing members a space for presentations, phone calls, meetings, and interviews. Traditional coworking spaces also include bathrooms, possibly a small kitchen, a front desk with a staff member, and a printing area.

With regards to layouts, in a traditional coworking environment, the way it works is simple: desks are set up for members, along with chairs and lamps (if applicable). There are usually a few snacks available in the kitchen, and possibly hot coffee, filtered water, and tea as well. All in all, most of these modern coworking spaces are functional, but tend not to be too interesting. Usually they consist of open seating and lounge areas for more casual non-desk work. They are tidy, but they don’t inspire or help with creativity purposes.

No More Boring Coworking Spaces

Thankfully, KettleSpace is different from the majority of boring coworking spaces out there. Since each KettleSpace location is set in different neighborhood and in a unique restaurant, there is never the opportunity for members to get bored. Each location is unique to its neighborhood and the host restaurant. The way KettleSpace works is that it converts restaurants that are idle during the day into coworking spaces. When the restaurants convert over to dinner service in the evening, members can stay for happy hour and dinner specials too. KettleSpace easily challenges the traditional aspects of coworking, and breathes new life into the freelancing community. With a KettleSpace membership you have access to all locations across the community — each one a little bit different. All spaces have common elements: reliable WiFi, ample power outlets, comfy and varied seating arrangements for individuals or groups, free coffee, tea and snacks, and more. Members are excited to work since they are redefining what it means to cowork outside of the office. Membership perks also include networking events.

The Benefits to Coworking in a Restaurant

There are a slew of benefits that coworking in a restaurant provide, beyond the varied décor from one location to another. The social interaction you gain from being part of a community of coworking spaces, which includes regular events and happy hours, is a strong benefit. Many of the restaurants in the network offer lunch specials for members (and their guests), happy hour deals, and discounts on dinner. You might just become a regular at a certain restaurant and find you and your peers party to additional perks as well.

Why Wouldn’t Coworking in a Restaurant Be Right For Me?

So, instead of asking yourself, is coworking in a restaurant right for me? You might want to ask instead, why wouldn’t coworking in a restaurant be right for me? Working in a restaurant gives professionals and freelancers the opportunity to work, focus, and concentrate, have a reliable wifi connection, order drinks and food as they please (or bring their own), and network with other like-minded individuals.

Working in a modern coworking space is fine, but coworking in a restaurant is better. KettleSpace provides members the opportunity to work in various restaurant locations across Manhattan for a very low monthly cost. And it’s perhaps this last point that is one of the most compelling — with membership plans starting at just $25 per month, with no commitments, you would be hard pressed to find a better coworking value in New York City.