Chronicling Member Connections

Morning Coffee Meetings @ KettleSpace

Member Barry Lenson

My whole week got better because I met Evan Rabin, CEO of Premier Chess, at KettleSpace's morning Zoom call last Monday (3/30/20). I wrote a blog post featuring his company for my client TortalTraining. He re-posted it on his company's blog, and I'm sure we will kick up some other projects. All because I dropped in on Monday morning and met other KettleSpacers! Really nice people. You should drop in too.

Join the community or an upcoming event. Who knows who you'll meet.

Member Evan Rabin

Member Wade Trefethen

"I've been waiting for a virtual aspect to KettleSpace and now that it's here I've already made connections in my field with two other members from my very first post. It couldn't have worked better"