Best coworking spaces in Tribeca

Known for high-end real estate, trendy shops, businesses and luxury hotels, finding affordable office space in Tribeca can be a challenge. The neighborhood draws in a wide range of industries, from fashion and entertainment to finance and technology. Whatever your industry or line of work, these three picks for coworking in Tribeca are sure to fit with the amenities, flexibility and price-points freelancers seek.

KettleSpace —

The most affordable coworking option in Tribeca is KettleSpace’s location at Distilled NY. Distilled NY is a light-filled, modern restaurant offering modern pub fare at night, but during the day KettleSpace transforms it into a coworking space with reliable WiFi, ample power outlets, free coffee and tea and plenty of seating. KettleSpace membership is a fraction of the cost of Tribeca’s other coworking options, with a month-to-month unlimited membership costing only $99 and limited-access plans for those who need fewer hours starting at just $25. Tribeca is a popular location for working lunches and business meetings because of the convenient location and numerous businesses in the area, and KettleSpace at Distilled NY is a great option if you are looking for somewhere to hold a meeting.

Spring Place —

The glamorous Spring Place feels similar to SoHo House and draws a like minded crowd. The venue bills itself as a “club,” rather than a coworking space, and offers memberships starting at $750 per month. A discount is available for members under the age of 30, reducing the cost to $500 per month. What do you receive with the high price point? In addition to access to an aesthetically-focused office space featuring vintage furniture and a full kitchen, Spring Place hosts events and workout classes for its members and eventually will also provide access to their second location which is set to open soon in Beverly Hills, for those freelancers that are bicoastal.

Galvanize —

On the edge of Tribeca and SoHo sits Galvanize, a modern, industrial, multi-purpose space that hosts coworkers, office space and events. Galvanize has campuses in a range of cities, including San Francisco, Austin and Seattle, and is selective regarding membership. Therefore, not all freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs who apply are accepted into this network.

WeWork —

If you are looking for a traditional coworking experience in Tribeca, WeWork is a strong option with a large facility located at 205 Hudson Street. The WeWork location in Tribeca offers monthly hot-desk plans starting at $450, as well as an option for early-stage startup founders and employees to reserve a desk in The Lab for $550 per month. WeWork Labs currently operate in four New York City locations, as well as a few others worldwide, and is designed to provide extra resources for pre-accelerator and post-accelerator startups, like mentorship, networking events and targeted perks and benefits. In addition to hot desks and Labs desks, this WeWork location also has private offices starting at $900 per month for a single person.

If you are searching for coworking space in Tribeca, then it’s likely you will find one of these spaces we have mentioned above. There are a range of price points and amenities, so be sure to check out each space before you commit.