Best coworking spaces in Flatiron

New York City is an entrepreneur’s playground, a great place for freelancers to dive into new and exciting projects, as well as a bustling city for startups looking to find their footing and create amazing things. Thankfully for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups alike, more and more quality coworking spaces are popping up all over NYC, especially in the Flatiron neighborhood.

Here is a list of the six best coworking spaces in the Flatiron neighborhood of New York City:

1 - KettleSpace — Easily one of the best coworking spaces on the list. Kettlespace has all the things that a freelancer, remote worker, or startup could ever want, including a strong internet connection, clean and sturdy work areas, unlimited coffee, tea and snacks, and an environment conducive to concentration and focus. And, since each Kettlespace location is housed in a restaurant that doesn’t open until dinner time, you get the convenience, ease, and versatility of a traditional coworking space, with the modern appeal, fun design aesthetic, and interactive social networking ability of a restaurant. You also get food and drink specials for members. Kettlespace is truly the best of both worlds, which is why it tops our list of affordable coworking spaces in Flatiron you need to try first.

2 - Bond Collective (formally Coworkrs) — A perfect, all-encompassing coworking space. Bond Collective merges the amazing networking opportunities of a great coworking space with the peace and privacy that a traditional office brings. At Bond Collective, happy hour get togethers are the norm, as are private and public events. But, what really sets Bond Collective apart from the rest of the coworking spaces in Flatiron is the TLC that the staff provides its members. When you become a member of Bond Collective, you really feel taken care of by the staff. Everything that you would ever need is just a quick instant message away; and since Bond Collective is one of the smaller coworking spaces in the neighborhood, you don’t feel like just another number. You get your wants and needs taken care of in a timely fashion, and you also receive the personal attention that is a rarity with some of the area’s larger coworking spaces, in a busy city like Manhattan.

3 - Rise — Open, airy, and modern, Rise is changing the game when it comes to coworking spaces. Merging the best of both worlds, Rise is awesome at being that great coworking space for networking, while also being the perfect environment for working hard and getting down to business. Focused on helping start-up companies and freelancers find their footing in the coworking world, Rise does a fantastic job at giving every member that extra special personal approach by making sure they are satisfied at all times. Another bonus that makes Rise such a superb coworking space are its top-notch on-site events. With a 100-seat theater space and 25-seat conference room, Rise is the perfect space to host meetings, company parties, and get togethers.

4 - NeueHouse — One of the classiest and most luxurious coworking spaces in Flatiron on the list. NeueHouse takes coworking to another level with plush couches, ambient lighting, and gourmet snacks and coffee. Even the restrooms feel fabulous in this space. While fun to spend time in and designed extremely well, NeueHouse can sometimes feel a little too nice, especially if you are trying to finish up that brief that was due an hour ago. At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference. NeueHouse is one of those coworking spaces that certain people absolutely love, while others seem to not like very much at all.

5 - WeWork — Would a list of coworking spaces in Flatiron be complete without including WeWork on the list? The answer is no. In Flatiron, WeWork has eight locations, along with many more throughout NYC. Overall, the membership prices are mid-level depending on the options and membership plan, the lighting is bright, and the environment is positive and upbeat. You can’t really go wrong with WeWork, since each location has all the aspects that a freelancer or start-up business would want in a space. The only problem with WeWork is that the spaces can sometimes be too loud or too welcoming. After a while, the positive and upbeat environment can start to feel like being at a university, which is not always conducive to working hard and meeting deadlines. So again, it’s all about preference as to what space is best for each individual or company. But, did I forget to mention … free beer!

6 - The Yard — Dedicated to freelancers and startups that are looking for a quieter coworking environment, The Yard is a large, open space that has grand windows, a peaceful vibe, and helpful staff. With a slew of private offices, conference rooms, and a modern coworking space, The Yard is an exceptional space for those that need some peace and quiet in their day-to-day working life. With many different membership options, as well as mail and postage services, The Yard is a quality coworking space that does what it needs to do without any unnecessary frills and extras. And, with its minimal design aesthetic, The Yard is great for those that don’t want a lot of fuss, but need a quiet and clean environment to work hard in and focus.