Best Coworking Spaces in East Village

East Village is an eccentric and artistic neighborhood within New York City that is full of unique restaurants, beautiful architecture, and spectacular ambience. In addition to these great aspects in East Village, there is also a vibrant coworking community — inexpensive, expertly designed, and comfortable. Here are four that make the grade:

  1. The Yard: Lower East Side — The Yard is one of those great coworking spaces that includes all the wonderful aspects that any freelancer or remote worker could ever need in a coworking space. Amenities include modern furniture, a relaxed and “chill” vibe, and helpful staff. The Yard also offers fresh coffee for members, haute teas, comfortable couches, an art gallery, and even a rooftop lounge area. Membership options for The Yard: Lower East Side tend to be on the more expensive side from those on our list, starting at $295 a month for open coworking, and up from there.

  2. Projective Space — Perfect for community-minded freelancers and startups, Projective Space is a quiet and clean coworking space that encourages networking among its members. Geared towards working professionals that are involved in technology industries, Projective Space has a culture that is authentic and kind. Open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, Projective Space is also known for hosting epic events such as jam sessions, social happy hours, holiday parties, the Six Degrees Society, and more.

  3. KettleSpace — With two convenient locations adjacent to East Village, KettleSpace is a unique coworking community that is changing the way New Yorkers look at coworking. Baar Baar in the Bowry and Hotel Chantelle in the Lower East Side are just a stone’s throw from East Village. With locations set in hip and chic restaurants all across Manhattan, KettleSpace is a great option for freelancers and remote workers who are on a budget, since memberships start at just $25 per month. With free coffee, tea, and snacks, and well as strong wifi, plenty of power outlets, and networking events, what’s not to love about KettleSpace?

  4. Con Artist Collective — Perfectly fitting into the artistic vibe of the East Village, Con Artist Collective is a fun coworking space that is geared towards cultivating the talents and skills of artists, designers, and writers. On any given day, you can find Con Artist Collective members painting, sculpting, and adding photos to their photography portfolio. In addition to the artistic and creative feel that Con Artist Collective inhabits, the space also has social and networking events which are meant to bring the artist community even closer together.

With such a diverse and interesting feel, the East Village is one of the most unique neighborhoods in New York City. With artist murals, vintage stores, and older architecture, the East Village truly defines what it means to be a creative professional, which is why there are so many working artists, musicians, sculptors, writers, designers, and photographers living and working in the neighborhood. The great coworking spaces on this list perfectly exemplify what the East Village is all about, and that is creativity, fun, and colorful appeal.