Best coworking spaces in Bushwick

Bushwick, home to one of New York City’s largest creative communities, naturally has seen a boom in coworking spaces in the past few years. Without a WeWork or some of the other more traditional coworking spaces, Bushwick’s options for renting a desk have all developed personalities of their own. With competitive pricing and a strong community of creative minds, working in Bushwick is increasingly more appealing to founders, gig-hoppers and those who work from home alike. Here are some of the best coworking spaces in Bushwick.

Bat Haus —

Maybe you’ve been to Bat Haus for one of their happy hours, drink and draws or other community events. During the day, it operates as one of Bushwick’s largest and most established coworking spaces. Offering full membership as well as day-passes and virtual memberships, Bat Haus succeeds where other newer options can’t, by having a great community and presence both in person and online. In addition to all the typical amenities like fast wifi, printers and scanners, mail services and conference rooms, Bat Haus also has beer and snacks available and hosts weekly member-only networking happy hours.

100 Bogart —

Relatively new to the Bushwick coworking scene is 100 Bogart. With both shared coworking spaces and private offices, 100 Bogart is a massive facility that also boasts a large rooftop and lots of open spaces as well as private meeting rooms. 100 Bogart draws a wide range of freelancers from techies to artists, and once some of the growing pains are sorted it, it will surely be one of the top options for Bushwick coworking.

NY Studio Factory —

Bushwick’s creative class will love NY Studio Factory, a coworking space built primarily for musicians, artists, designers and entrepreneurs. In addition to desks, NY Studio Factory also features top-notch recording studios for musicians, producers and podcasters alike. It also allows artists to use the space as a studio, so you’ll find painters and sculptors among the members of the space. And of of course, the niche audience also means great collaborating and networking opportunities within the industries represented.

KettleSpace —

KettleSpace, the network of spaces that turns restaurants into coworking heaven, currently operates at Hotel RL in Bushwick. Of course, you’ll find reliable wifi, ample power outlets, and free coffee and snacks. You’ll also have access to KettleSpace’s long list of other New York City coworking sites at no additional cost for those days when a meeting might pull you into Manhattan. KettleSpace represents the some of the most affordable coworking in Bushwick too. At a significantly lower price to some of Bushwick’s other coworking options, KettleSpace is great for both full-time freelancers and those working to build out a side-hustle and just need some space away from home from time-to-time.

Coming Soon: Bond Collective —

Bond Collective, formerly known as Coworkrs, signed a 20-year lease at 839 Broadway in Bushwick in 2017, and should be opening their doors soon. Although there is no set launch date yet, a waitlist is open and freelancers can expect Bond Bushwick to have the same level of modernity and sharpness as the company’s other six locations.

Whatever your needs are when it comes to great coworking in Bushwick, there are plenty of options to explore. Take advantage of trials and introductory packages to give a few a shot. Depending on your budget and needs, there’s likely an affordable meeting space in Bushwick for you.