Best alternatives to working from home in New York City — hourly/daily spaces

Editor’s note: This is part two of a three-part series on coworking in New York City. A link to part three may be found at the conclusion of this section.

For freelancers or remote workers who do not have the need or budget for a full-time coworking membership, hourly options are a great alternative that can provide for more flexibility.

Why choose an hourly alternative to working from home?

Full-time coworking makes sense in some industries, but other workers will find that their needs are different and paying for an unlimited plan may not be necessary. Whether you are a creative type who spends most days out and about rather than at a desk, or a consultant that frequently travels, hourly spaces can be a great option.

Many traditional coworking spaces provide options for daily access, and these hourly options are also great for meetings or working while in transit. While the price for on-demand, hourly working can be pricier, some workers simply do not need a monthly plan.

On-demand spaces through Breather or Liquidspace

You can think of Breather, Liquidspace and other flexible workspace providers as an hourly Airbnb. Hosts can list their spaces, which range from small offices to larger conference rooms and event spaces, at an hourly rate, and workers can reserve them for whatever amount of time they desire, based upon availability that is posted in real-time on their website (or through their apps).

Using an on-demand space is great if you need spaces to work in multiple neighborhoods, or if you host infrequent meetings and your group does not have a permanent space. Typically, using Breather as a coworking space of sorts is not always the best option, because hourly prices for a single desk greatly exceed other options once your needs exceed a few hours per month.

Hourly and daily coworking access

To fill the needs of part-timers or other freelancers who may just want to cowork for a few hours a day, some coworking spaces allow for hourly plans. Typically, you get all the perks of being a monthly member but pay as you go.

KettleSpace offers an unlimited plan at just $99 per month, which can be less expensive than paying for a separate hourly visits at some of the pricer locations through other companies.

Subscription based drop-in coworking plans

Just like ClassPass for yoga studios or MoviePass for movies, there are new options of drop-in coworking that provide you with access a wide range of spaces for a monthly fee. Instead of committing to one coworking space, you have the option to work from any space in the plan, providing there is availability.

In the U.S., Croissant is probably the best example of this, with more than 300 spaces across the country and plans starting at $39 for 10 hours of access. Copass is another example, with more than 750 spaces around the world, including exotic destinations like Sri Lanka, Morocco and Aruba. If you like working from home in New York but want a place to work from while you travel, a subscription-based coworking plan might make sense.

Hourly coworking is a great option for the infrequent team meeting or to fill in the gaps between traveling among your clients. However, there may be more affordable options for coworking in NYC that offer similar affordability and flexibility like KettleSpace we covered in part one of this series.

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